Monorail Farewell, Sydney Australia

A sad moment in Sydney, the monorail serving the city for 25 years finally had it last day. So many people turn up on the day that I actually couldn\’t get a seat or ticket for the last ride.

If you happen to visit Sydney you might get a glimpse of the past with some monorail station are still around. This shot was taken at Darling Park and it one that you can spot right now in Sydney. It was a day of celebration for a good public servant retirement.

The day was gloomy which marks the end of an era in Sydney\’s transportation history. When ever I go to town, if I was lost I just follow the monorail line and it will take me back to where I want to go. Some people the lines make an ugly sight to the city, but for others it was a futuristic and the future of the city. For me personally it makes a great guide to the city.

A newspaper report on the day is here for anyone want to read further

For more photos from the event check out my Blurb book, Please DO NOT buy it. There was a few photos that I was not happy with. Great to see it digitally but when I print it out I was not happy with the results. It had to do with my experiements with Photoshop. So please do not buy it.


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