Sydney\’s New Year Fireworks 2014

What\’s the best spot in Sydney to see the fireworks? And more importantly to photograph it. The answer is not simple and all depends.

Depend number one is how motivate are you to get the shot? If you out of town and a must get shot then Mrs Macquarie Point is the best place to see it and photograph it at the same time. But there\’s a catch you have to get there really early. I mean in the morning you have to get all your gear and lunch, dinner and party equipments there and enjoy a full day and night of celebrations. I haven\’t done it myself but I\’ll do it one day. Yeah so if you out of town and you really want the shots then the best bet is Mrs Macqaurie Point.

Depends on you budget as well. They sell tickets to the best vantage point for the fireworks, so you don\’t have to camp early. Depends on where you want to photograph, the ticket could be high. And it is not a guarantee you\’re going to get the shot. People want to rush to the best vantage point when the fireworks start so you still might fight people over it.

Depends if you know someone hate crowd or not. The hotels in Sydney has some great view of the fireworks display, but be warned you must book early, like at least 6 months in advance. You have to photograph through glass window so something to cover the lens and the glass window so you don\’t get reflections is a must before you go. There\’s a product out there, sorry I\’ve forgotten the name. Google it. Great investment if you happens to shoot cityscape a lot and stay in hotels regularly.

And if you like me, not motivate enough to camp .or don\’t have budget to buy ticket to the vantage location then the spot in the photo above is the place you want to be. It is a secret so don\’t tell anyone. Just between you and me okay? Promise?


Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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