Ancient Chinese Beauties, Darling Harbour Sydney Australia 2013

Photograph Ancient Chinese  Beauties, Darling Harbour Sydney Australia 2013 by Travis Chau on 500px
Ancient Chinese Beauties, Darling Harbour Sydney Australia 2013 by Travis Chau on 500px

This was one of the first street shots I\’ve done with a Micro Fourth Third (M43) camera. I only had one lens and one body at the time. I invested in a niffty fifty early on in the system as I know all the photographer have this focal lenght in their bag. So best to practice of a 50mm focal lenght first then move on to other focal lenght. It is similar view to what the our normal eyes see. So if you can see it you can frame it exactly as you want.

As for street photography a smaller camera system and a 50mm is ideal as you can get really close but without bothering your subject. The 35mm or 24mm is probably my next prime lens as some time in tight space you simply want everything in and the 50mm just a bit too telephoto for that kind of shot.

Nowadays when I go out for a street photography adventures I have two camera and 2 primes with me. A 50mm and a 120mm.  The 50mm is for environmental portrait and the 120 for tight portrait that are pleasing to the subject. The classic 85mm is a great focal lenght for it, but I\’ll find the 120mm give me more reach and I can get really tight and nobody notice it.

Have you seen a photographer bring out a 70-200mm for street photography? I have and it\’s bother me greatly. Especially when you photograph War Veterans and if you used the long focal length like its very similar to pointing a gun to them. NOT cool at all, please show some respect when you out shooting street photography.

As for the photo above, I shot this during Buddha Birthday Festival in Darling Harbour. They have performance on stage and the best view is behind the stage. There\’s more action behind the scenes. Most photographers will get photograph in front of the stage but for me the interesting photos are the one behind the stage.


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