Grafton\’s Jacaranda mimosa NSW North Coast, Australia 2013

Grafton is Australia Jacaranda capital. Around mid Spring the whole town is in full bloom and it\’s simply beautiful. They have a parade to celebrate everything purple as well. I\’m aware of the town about two years ago and in particular Jacaranda mimosa. The town is peaceful in the morning especially around the river.

I don\’t mind living here once my years of travel and exploring the world come to end. I have a land up here ready to build as a retirement home. Something small and cosy. It could be very cold in Winter.

I also made a video to document the event. It\’s okay as I was playing with video and editing video a few years ago. I\’m getting better with video and editing by the way. Enjoy!

Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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