Port Macquarie Panorama

Photograph Port Macquarie Panoramo by Travis Chau on 500px
Port Macquarie Panoramo by Travis Chau on 500px

What\’s the best view in the seaside town of Port Macquarie? It\’s probably at this spot where the Tacking Point Lighthouse is. I was using  a 50mm lens for over a year before I actually allow myself to buy another lens. So I have to stitched a panorama together in Photoshop.

So many new photographer just want to have all the latest gear and fall into the trap of GAS (Gear Acquisitions Syndrome) and not master the gear they have right now. I have listen to other pro photographers and learn my skills slowly with a 50mm lens and slowly build my gear and lens. Make sure the next camera or lens that you is an expansion or growth in your photography and not simply buy it for the sake of it.

Right now I am still using a 3 year old camera and still can take good photos with it. It is not the gear but the person behind the gear. Ansel Adams once said \”The most important part of the camera is the 12 inch behind the camera.\”


Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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