Cinemagraph Madonna and Child Christmas 2014

A a few cinemagraphs I did of Christmas Lighting at Sydney St Mary\’s Cathedral that I have shared on Google +. First time I have experiment with time-lapse and combining it with cinemagraph. The animation was out of this world.

Madonna and Child
The first experiment I have to lower the resolution so it could easily load on the web. But with animation it could take a while for the internet to catch up. So I decided to lower the resolution.

The Light of Christmas

The Light of Christmas was an inspiration I got from the light show. I though if there was light from the windows it could make a very dramatic scenes. And it did.

Let there be light.

 \”Let there be light\” was done after the Sydney\’s hostage saga. I though I do something to heal the heart of people in Sydney. I was at Martin Place for the Christmas light show just a few days before the event happened so it sadden me greatly. The media just pounding the negative on every channel. Man can\’t we move on?

Autumn Madonna and Child

 This was probably my favorite out of the cinemagraphs. I just love autumn.

Orange Madonna and Child

Red Madonna and Child

 This was not the perfect execution of the mask that I did in After Effects. You could see some outline. It was harder as the light keep on changing. So I can excuse myself for that mistake.

Madonna and Child Reflection

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