Mrs Macqaurie Point Sunset

Winter is the best time to take photo of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House during golden hour and blue hour. The problem with this hot spot is so many cameras pointing to the icons and you are bound to get some heated conversion.

Some novice sunset seekers and photographers sometime get to me. Come on guys there always tomorrow, don\’t have to shout at people for getting in your shot. There also Photoshop to get rid of those unwanted tourists or other fellow photographer like your truly. Yeah I was jumping on the the rocks you saw on the photo and one girl from the back shouted out at me because I did that? Some people reckon they own the sunset. I had my vendetta when she stood right in my lens where no Photoshop can clone out. I yelled out \”Get out of my shot\” really LOUD, I reckon the people from the top of the Harbour Bridge can still hear me. Then I asked her \”How do you feel now?\” No responded. I was bad, shouldn\’t done that should I?

We must also think of the tourists that come here if the attitude of our residents were like this particular girl then no matter how beautiful the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House during sunset. The encounter with an friendly locals can really spoil the whole experiences. It certainly affect me during my time there and I\’m sure other people will have similar negative reactions to it. It certainly spoil an average sunset for me, it wasn\’t the most spectacular sunset anyway. And I have seen better at this spot. Oh well next time and I\’ll be more careful and not get in people shots to avoid this kind of scenarios.

If we want to keep the hot spot like Mrs Macquarie Chair, we must share and protect it. This same girl litter beer bottles at this hot spot as well. I didn\’t want to bring it up to their faces as they were enjoying the sunset. But are these people environmentalists? They probably got into photography not that long that\’s why they a bit careless about things like this. I\’m excused them. How do I know they were a novice photographer? By looking at the cheap tripod and try to do long exposure on it. 

When they have a bit more time with photography and travel a bit more they\’ll appreciate the things that we have right now and not be so careless about it. And the bins provided by the Council just 20 metres walk from this particular spot. Come on Sydney Council please provide more rubbish bins so people not litter.


Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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