Rookwood Open Day 2014

Rookwood Cemetery Open Day 2014 from Travis Chau on Vimeo.
I have not published this footage out to the public until today. It was a courtesy request from the Secretary of Friends of Rookwood that the final cut of the day be shown to the Friends of Rookwood first. I did that and have no responses back for 9 months. So I guessed it is long enough for them to see, so I though I\’ll share it today. Also, I have lost the original footages so this is my only version of it. Cannot do any adjustment to it unfortunately.

I think I covered the event to my best ability at the time. I think it was one of the community event in Sydney that every citizen should check out. The history of Sydney from the dead always truthful.

I\’m heading to Canberra, ACT today to check out the All Saints Church that the tour guide mentioned in the video. After the initial videos, I haven\’t had the chance to visit Canberra to purposely capture the old railway station. I hope it as beautiful as describe. From the photos I have seen online, I think it should be Canberra tourist attractions. If the people know about the history of the building, they definitely will find it fascinating as I am.


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