Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015 by Travis Chau on

I haven\’t captured the sculpture by the sea at night and I though to myself why not this year. There was no crowd at all when it\’s at night and you have the sculptures to yourself. No need to rush things or have people in you shots. 

The photo above is a long exposure and I did some light painting on the sculpture. I didn\’t have the full set of light painting equipment with me at the time so I couldn\’t be more creative with the paint. Basically I just have one colour to paint with. Not very exciting to paint with just one colour is it? But I was shooting in the blue hour so the sky was blue plus the moon was out so I have plenty of light to work with. 

I have to come back for sunrise to finish this year  Bondi Sculpture by the Sea. Should I do time-lapse photography this year? Maybe. I\’ll see how I feel. Time lapse takes effort to do as I don\’t have an in camera time lapse function. Check out the time-lapse I did last year below.

Time lapse Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2014 from Travis Chau on Vimeo.


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