The Regent Theatre Brisbane City, NSW Australia

Brisbane Regent Theatre by Travis Chau on

I\’m back in my comfort room and on the computer blogging. It was a filled and fun 10 days of my life. I was visiting Byron Bay and finished off the trip to Brisbane. I have never photograph Brisbane before so I felt excitement when the bus stopped at Brisbane. I couldn\’t wait to take my cameras out and explore the city.

There was many surprise in Brisbane and I reckon the Regent Theatre was one of them. I was amazed that  many people especially photographers have never put up anything online. I was doing my research on Brisbane and the city and Southbank were the main attractions but not the Regent Theatre. I think it is up there with the State Theatre in Sydney. 

I wasn\’t  party hard as I know I am running out of time to photograph everything. So sunset and sunrise was the main objectives of my stay. I don\’t know how some photographers can claim they have truly explore any city in one day. I just scratched  the surface of Brisbane City. Until next time Brisbane. 

New adventures start tomorrow again this time I might not have many photos opportunities as I am on a working holiday in Young. A small country town in Central NSW, Australia. I am offer a job as a fruit picker for the whole season. If I\’m not post anything up then you know I don\’t have access to a computer an/or the Internet. Keep living the dream.


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