Young Cherry Picking Season 2015

Young Cherry Orchard Sunset by Travis Chau on

First time updating my blog for over a month. I was busy picking cherries in Young. A small town in Country NSW, Australia. This is my new lifestyle and fruit picking as a job to pay my way around Australia. 

As this was my first time ever cherry picking, the first 10 days was horrible. I didn\’t make any money at all, it all the depends on the farm and how they pay you. Usually with cherry picking they pay you by lug pick. Expect to get pay around $1/kg pick. If you converted it to hourly pay expect to get around $20-$30 per hour depends on how fast you work.

The average working hours 6-8 hours sometime longer if the weather permits. For the first 10 days I was a cherry picker, but I was promoted to a quad-bike driver, If I had another chance to go back I still remain a picker as the way I work I can make more money as a picker, less the stress of a quad-biker.

The experiences at Young is invaluable as I am planning to follow the harvest seasons. Right now in Melbourne and enjoy a short holiday before heading down to Tasmania for more cherries. Expect to meet up with old backpackers that I met during the Young Cherry Season. More parties on the farm again. That\’s the lifestyle of a fruit picker.


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