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Finished Line.

I\’m a bit disappointed with the event. I wanted more people dressing up in characters. But these people were fitness fanatics. Boring. Boring. You guys are not in any danger of making the Olympic team anytime soon. It\’s a fund raising event, enjoy yourself. 

Also it\’s better for your kidneys. All those acids must going somewhere and is your kidneys filtering? If not your then the body uses Calcium to neutralised the acids. You\’re not going to have many City2Surf up ahead as arthritis and all the inflammation (acidosis) dis-ease coming your way.

If you don\’t like what your read so far, that\’s fine with me. But the truth always hurt at first. Go to Winter Magic in Katoomba, see how a fund raising event should be enjoy. Dress up in Pokemon or your favourite Star Wars characters, even super heroes. Have fun at the event. The fitness fanatics have no clues about health and vitality anyway. So don\’t look at them as an example. 

Some might argue that they were trying to beat their personal best. That\’s admirable but what\’s wrong with the sunrise in Bondi beach to do it. If you need to donate to charity just donate. And please check where are the funds are supporting? Some charity research on Dis-ease that did not exist. A fabrications of the AMA (Australia Murder Association) or if your in America (America Murder Association). Name me a celebrity that has survived Cancer? 

Some people did enjoy themselves.


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