Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Woke up early for the sunrise as the sun is getting closer to the Southern Hemisphere. It wasn\’t hard when you just camp near by at Cathedral Reserve. A wonder way in my opinion if you really into landscape photography to camp close by to your spot.

With so many national parks in NSW alone, camping is the only way to get the shots that you want. I was a bit disappointed that I didn\’t get the sunrise that I wanted. But that\’s the challenge of landscape photography. Sometimes you just need some luck to get the shots that you like. 

I did a few techniques on this location. I did time-lapse which turn out great. Also did long exposure to get funky clouds and panorama to round it off. Oh I also captured 4K video as well. Still haven\’t got the computer power to edit the 4K videos as yet. Still want to save up for some travelling overseas, so I\’ll capture the footage now and edit it when the mass ready with 4K. 

Overall a worthwhile trip to the mountains. I was going to do some night photography but as you see I had no luck with the clouds and some rain as well I might added.


Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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