Keshe Foundation Blueprint for Free Energy Unit Session 1

I\’ve been busy trying to get the materials for building the Keche Macgrav free energy unit for the home. This is the first few steps. You can watch the video and above to understand it more. Utopia is upon us if we\’re taking steps together.

If you live in Sydney, Australia. To get the 14 Gauge wire/1.63mm copper wire go to Bagder Wire. They sell it as a kilogram. Minimum is 1kg. Get 10kg which probably set you back $250 dollars. Create more 2 units for your home and give some to you family, friends and neighbours. The more people get on the plasma energy system the quicker. With 10kg of copper wire, you could create 10-12 home units.

For the copper plate for the nano coating, you could get it from A & E Metals in Marrickville. Caustic soda you could get from Bunnings. Ask for assistant if you from the happy Bunnings people they willing to help you. If they\’re curious then you tell them about the Keche Foundation and free energy they could do it themselves. Also the rods to make the coils are in Bunnings as well. I\’ve used 10mm for the outer coil and 6mm for the inner coil. 


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