Keshe Plasma Technology: GANS Production Day 3

Check out my videos on Youtube on my update on my GANS production.

And this is the blueprint if you want to do the same. The more people know how to do this the more we get closer to utopia. The teachings behind is in the Blueprint Teaching Week of the Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute.

GANS Production Setup Blueprint
But for me personally, if I want the world to be a better place. Then I have to do something about it. Don\’t wait for governments to provide it. It is not their gig. If I could borrow John F Kennedy quote \”It\’s not what the country can do for you, it\’s what you can do for your country.\” I\’m born in Vietnam but Sydney, Australia is my home. If I wanted Sydney my home to be a better city then I have to do something about it. Obviously the Governments both Federal and State level knew about this technology but they are not serving the people. It\’s up to us collectively to share and make free energy, health for all and proper foods without any chemicals,

I walk down George Street in the CBD and I still see people suffering. There\’s homeless people begging for money. If you walk down George Street you probably see one in nearly every corners. Clearly Sydney is not the best city in the world if we look at the obvious sign of decay in our social and government structure. Did you know that you could make GOLD from this technology? So money and lack of money is not a problem in the future is it? Don\’t feed them the fish, teach them how to fish. And that\’s the purpose of my videos on Youtube on the GANS productions. I know it\’s not the best video production, but I\’m not after beautiful videos. The content is more valuable and beautiful, technically correct ways of video production.

If you want to see great videos then I have some as well. But for now I just want the contents to be out as fast as possible. So many people are still glue to the TV and believe in the \”Presstitutes\”. There\’s not any real journalism anymore. Just pay propaganda and keep everyone asleep. I know about the Keshe Foundations by accident on Youtube. There\’s no news from any major news network report on this technology that could change the world. Obviously there\’s no benefit to the controllers of our lives. It\’s time to wake up people.


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