Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand 2017

When I first arrived in Thailand I wanted to explore the many temples in Bangkok as I knew  from my research that I temple that I really wanted visit was Wat Pho with the reclining Buddha. That was ticked then I knew about the old capital of Bangkok which was Ayuttaya. So I went there as well. But I have missed out on Sukhothai which another Thailand old capital.

After I went up to Chiangmai yet for more temples, I came back to Sukhothai to explored it on bike. Yes there was not many traffic as crazy as Bangkok so I felt safe to ride a bike to explore the historical park faster.

I was exploring it during the day but I knew I have to came back for the sunset. As you can see from the photo. The soft light really makes the place feel magical, and it was. Sure people have been to Angkor Wat and Myanmar Bagan temples and they reckon it\’s better. I haven\’t been to those places myself so I couldn\’t compare but in time I explore those wonderful sites and tell you my opinion.

I\’m back home in Australia updating my blog but from a different State. I\’m working as a fruit picker in Queensland and I\’ll get back to SE Asia for more wondering lust. Hopefully I could stay in SE for 2 months this time. My initial plan was 2 months but cut short because of finance. 

I was talking to other backpackers and SE Asia is not cheap to travel anymore. Yes 20 years ago you could stay in SE and live like a king or Queen but the development have caught up to the West and things could be roughly the same as in your own country with better foods that all. 


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