Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand 2017

Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand

The famous view from Doi Suthep overlooking the city of Chiangmai. Not as impressive as there wasn\’t too many high rise buildings in Chiangmai compare to Bangkok. If you\’ve been to the many rooftop bars in Bangkok then you be disappointed with the view.

However Chiangmai make up for the lack of skylines with the winding road trip to the mountains and the temples on top. Plus the bonus of the view from the top if you could climb the stairs or there\’s a lift up. How thoughtful are the Thais?

The Golden Jedi on top of Doi Suthep is famous in Thailand and you need a guide to explains the design and back story behind why the temple was built at this particular site. I knew it but I\’ll spoil it for you if I told you now hey? Get a guide and make the trip during sunset. It\’s easier in the late afternoon and night time to climb those 300 odds steps to the top. Enjoy!


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