Intervalometer is a time lapse nutter best friend

If your camera doesn’t have a inbuilt intervalometer then consider another camera with built-in as one of the feature for your next purchase decision. But if you don’t have one build in then an intervalometer is your best friend beside you dog.

Let me explain myself. A good and reliable shutter release trigger is a must for a time lapse shooter. You can do time lapse with just using the shutter release button but you have to press it continuously. That’s why we have intervalometer.

Usually the original manufacturer own brand is a premium product and you will pay to get it as well. Ebay and Amazon is your next best friend. There’s abundance 3rd party products available for you to consider. And most works on all the major camera brands out there. Even apps available for your smart phone of choice.

With a intervalometer you set the interval for your sequence. I personally shoot very fast, so a 3-5 seconds is where most of my settings for time lapse. But in certain situations like night photography this setting could change drastically.

I’m post up a video explaining further of the method and settings of my intervalometer so please check it out below. Great tips of using my Meyin TW-830 as I demonstrated in the video.

Gear Used/Demonstrated for Video and Photos: All Links are Affiliated
Galaxy S8
Rode Wireless Go
Manfrotto tripod
Panasonic Lumix G7
Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm f2.8

The Intervalometer in video is unavailable check this link similar intervalometer.


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