How To Pack Clothing For World Travel With Just One Pack

Yes still continue with back packing adventure. I’ve seen many young backpackers when I travel so I though I give some tips on how to pack right for the adventure that you going to have around the world.

NOTICE: this is for travel not camping adventure where you need to bring survival materials like foods and sleeping gear. I’m talking about a backpack where you could travel with just a carry on bag.

So if you want some tips on survival camping backpack this is not the post you should read about. And that’s the problem that I’ve seen with many young backpackers in my travel. They confused with travel backpack with survival/camping backpack. I’m a backpacker and I need to sleep on the street and in the forest for few days at a time.

I’ve never done it and why would they want to do it unless they want to go on a hiking trip and that’s another story. I am sharing with you a travel back pack where you mainly stay in hostels and cheap guest house. Or if you a flashpacker you stay in hotels where all the amenities are there for you to enjoy.

So don’t confuse with a backpack for camping with a backpack for world travel. Yes and with a world travel backpack you don’t need to bring as much. And in my previous post I suggest merino wool and 4 way stretch jeans for your travel. So check it out.

Today is all about having a packing checklist and know the best way to organise your clothing. I like to roll my fresh clothing so when I’ m on the road I know which one is fresh and which one need washing. Check it video below where I show you how I roll my cloths.

Underpants (merino wool and/or with silver lining) Can wear one for weeks3
Shorts (swimming, beach weather activities and humid climax in general)2
Jeans/trousers (transit and nightlife)2
T-shirts (1 polo, V or crew neck)2
Long sleeve T-shirt (for sun protection and insects protection)2
Long Sleeve Shirt (for some formal occasion VERY OPTIONAL)1
Socks (1 crew, two angles) Merino Wool and/or with Silver Lining3
Jumper/Jacket (Airplane, mountain and in transit)1
Shoe (prefer dark colour casual)1
Clothing Checklist with 23 item

The above clothing checklist consist of 23 items and I believe you could even cut it down even further if you want to reduce the weight of your backpack. The idea or goal is to get it down under 7kg or 15 pound for comply with most carry-on airplanes. With performance clothing you certainly could reduce it down even further.

The above was what I brought with me give and take a few items that I have replaced to Asia for two months. Yes and I only did my washing for 3 occasions. You WHAT? Yes there’s no smell with merino wool. You paid for it and you enjoy the benefits of it right?

And guess what in Asia they do the washing by the weight (kg). If you have a fewer clothing the cheaper it gets in the long run. But usually I do my own washing which is very basics and it dries in no time in SE Asia. Why not consider travel light and enjoy the adventures without letting your clothing weight you down.


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