One pack world travel. Important documents, Toiletries and miscellaneous items

So far to my previous posts I have share what I’ve learned from travelling for five years at least. Since I picked up photography the camera is my passport to the world.

From my experience in travelling you certainly can travel with just one backpack. Yes it will be very difficult but does the challenge of travelling light.

Now in this post I will share my experience impacting important documents, toiletries and some other miscellaneous items that we haven’t discussed so far.

Your passport is your most important documents you have with you so keep it in a very safe place. Usually I have it in my hidden pockets or some people use a hidden chest pocket. What’s what’s your password is gone missing it will be very difficult and very painful to go through the process of getting it back so keep it in a very safe place.

The other important document is your insurance and money. I like to keep around US$1000 in cash so any emergencies arises I could come with that with that money. Apart from the cash at hand, I also have my credit cards available with me so I can I have access to my money if I need to.

One credit card you have with you all the time and the other one you keeping your backpack in a safe place. Usually most hotel guest houses and hotel have a safe somewhere. Once you drop your back down and you just should keep all your important documents with you in a safe and make sure you remember to pin I or lock combinations.

With the passport I also have a for a photocopy of it at home and one with me somewhere in my documents. It is easier to talk to someone that doesn’t know English when you have your document with you even though it’s not a real document but is a representation that you are a real person that you are not an imposter.

Thank God that I haven’t had a chance to go through this process of it losing my passport when I’m travelling. I have learnt this tips from other experienced traveller out there, I’m just here to pass on my knowledge to you and make sure you apply it.

I think I have drummed the point about important document to death with this post already. I’m sure you get the point that documents are very very important.

Another section of your travelling that you have to think about is your toiletries. Ladies and gentleman, I don’t have personal experience with the other side of the fence so the ask me about what to pack as your toiletries.

Most of your toiletry needs Is available at the destination that you going to so don’t bring too much. I personally just bring my toothbrush, And the first thing that I’m gonna buy at my destination is a tooth paste. Other Toiletries items that arise you can get it at any place in the world, Yeah it is an important things to bring but it’s not as important that you can’t get it at your destination.

Some people proper brought with them I whole toiletry pack. And you guys know that what I called this kind of people they are flashpacker. Yes we all want to be like them but we value light and nimble when we travelling.

Yes admire them but be more pity of them even further. That’s no fun carrying I huge backpack when you in a hot and humid place around the world. Just have a small smile when you come across the flashpacker and think of this post and you’ll thanks me for it.

Also the last items that we have to consider it’s all those off item that we are not in any particular section of our packing strategy. For example a lock, pen, conflakes, earplugs and other item personalised to you. It’s must have item for you personally but usually it doesn’t belong to any one else but you have to bring it then it’s in the miscellaneous items.

I think I have covered the section very well with all this strategy in mind when you’re packing. You should have a very light and nimble backpack for your next backpacking around the world.


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