One backpack world travel recap. Backpack and clothing considerations.

In my previous post I shared you guys might tips for packing long-term travel as a backpacker. This is a lot of wisdom in what I have to share but there’s always improvement that I can be made. So let me share with you what I have been studying since I might those kind of videos and post.

Let’s start with the backpack, now when you first start your trip start with a 38 L backpack why would I want to recommend an 38l backpack. Since you’re a beginner Traveller that’s a good backpack to start with it is small enough to be a carry on but is not too small that you feel that you could not carry the stuff that you need.

Once you start with 38l backpack and you feel comfortable with Travelling with that backpack then you might think about downsizing. The best way to learn is from your own experience you can take my experience and carry smaller backpack but to be in grain to you my knowledge a bit harder so that’s why I recommend eight and 38 L backpack.

Remember the goal is to have a have just a carry on bag pack and try to stay under 7 kg. Sure you can get away on an aeroplane with a little bit over but is still weight on you so keep that in mind.

Your clothing this is the first thing we have to think about from my previous post I recommend merino wool.Sure is more expensive than a normal clothes but I don’t see you go out and buy straightaway just for your next trip.

Let merino wool as your main clothing choice from now on.You can start our with the T-shirt and underwear with merino wool. Experience using it in your life to see if there any reaction to the wool. Only then that you have the knowledge and firsthand experience in using the materials so I don’t take my word as gospel, experience it for yourself.

Start slowly accumulating the clothing for your one pack world travel. Similarly to a stretch jeans, Just buy one for now use it experience it to see if this is the right type of material for you. Everyone needs a Jean in their life right why not have a four way switch jeans as your next purchase decision.

Oh and the post here as I it is getting too long. Something please post when you go shopping next time. Everybody needs a holiday now and then why not think about what clothing I should be wearing for my next holiday. And let merino wool and four way stretch jeans and idea of just having one backpack for world travel as an idea in your head that is could be possible.


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