One pack world travel recap. Technologies and digital memories.

Three sisters, Blue Mountains

I’ve been posting a lot of travelling tips but I think it is more than an important than ever before but I’d share what I have learned from travelling. The world needs traveller and my friend you and I will make the world go back to normal.

Some people travelling for Food,I just travel for pleasure but for me it’s all about it all about digital memories. Digital memories Is a term that I come up with that convey best my understanding of a one pack world traveller looking for exotic memories.

I’ve been travelling for the past 8 to 10 years. True those experience I have my camera is my passport and I have left right now is the Digital memories that I have store in the cloud or in my hard drive. I have not print out any photos that I have taken through all those years of travelling. So my digital memories are there for everyone to see and enjoy.

So the terms of the digital memories for you descriptive of what I want to convey. I have thousands of photos and many videos on YouTube so the memories are there and store in the clouds.

10 years ago when I first start travelling the smart phone that I have with me the photograph and videos that I took with that smart phone wasn’t the best quality. But technologies have changed since 10 years ago.

The smart phones are really smart smart these days. But the thing that fascinated me Is the phone camera has become so much better and I reckon that it can do 80% of all the photography and video needs most people.

So this leave us to the questions,Can my smart phone replace a professional and/or semi-pro camera. For me personally the answer is NO, but for you it could be.

Frazer Island, Queensland

For me I need my main camera as a durable and can take abuse from me. I don’t want my camera to be fragile when I a travelling. Less headache more photos. For me my digital memories are the most important when I’m driving so I need a tools that can capture those memories for me.

I don’t travel for foods, I don’t travel to release stress and I certainly don’t travel for bodily pleasure. I seek adventures and new experiences when I’m travelling. Make new friends could be a goal but I prefer solo travelling. My goals for travelling is to feast on visual stimuli that the world offers.

So we come full circle I travel for digital memories. And I need a camera that can capture those moments for me either true still or are moving images.

But for you my friend is my phone is really can do 80% of the job that you need for your digital memories. So a one light backpack for world travelling could be possible for you if you use a smart phone as your capture device for your digital memories.


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I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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