Apple iPhone 13 is here, Which one should you get?

Were you the one that watching the Apple event just like me a few days ago? I was excited as excited as everyone else as this is my first Apple event that I participate in even though is an online event.

I am on android user for a long time. But after using the iPad for while now I’m in beginning to enjoy using Apple products. My interested in the iPhone 13, yes because I am want to travel light.

The new iPhone 13 mini really interest me. Is at the price point that is affordable for most people. When you travel you don’t want to bring too much attention to yourself by carrying an expensive phone with you.

I am happy to go with the iPhone 11 as Apple still selling the iPhone 11. I will get it refurbished as it very affordable then. But I’m fairly happy with a used products as I don’t want to draw attention to myself when I’m travelling.

Ideally I will have the iPhone 13 pro for a the latest camera gadget that Apple has put into the new iPhone 13 pro. But it is not practical as I love to travel and the money that I can save with a less expensive phone will help me travel further in the long run.

The old, two years old iPhone 11 can do the job that I need when travelling. It right now could be my second camera. I am still love the controls and the flexibility of the micro 4/3 system.

At the announcement, Apple purposely promotion video of the durability test of the new iPhone 13. The thing that worries me the most when I’m travelling is the durability of my equipment and especially camera equipments.

Nine years ago when I first started travelling, a phone was my only source of digital memories. Yes that’s right the phone wasn’t smart back then. The quality that came out of the phone camera wasn’t the best as a digital memories.

I was not a photographer then I didn’t know better. After that one overseas trip I came home and develop my skills as a photographer. Since then the phone has come along way and in my goal of travelling light I have to reconsider the possibility of just using the phone as my only source of digital memories.

Apple with the event a few days ago have convinced me that they have the same vision as I am. To have a camera that captures candid photos or go deeper and takes professional grade quality image. My main concern right now is durability of the iPhone not the image quality these days.


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I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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