iPad Air 4 Accessories Unboxing. Only need two.

Have you seen those are videos where the YouTube reviewers about the iPad Air 4 accessories that people must need. I’m telling you now there’s only two that are a must, the rest just unnecessary items that makes thing more clutter.

The first item for me personally it’s a USB C dongle or hub where I could plug in my SD card from my camera. The reason why I got the iPad Air over the iPad pro because I know that there is more USB C Accessories available than the lightning port from Apple.

Go on Amazon and you would find thousands of product with USB C for your iPad. More competition means more value for the consumer right? So the first thing that I bought and that is a must have is USB-C hub. Apple store has the usb-c to SD card reader but it expensive. And it does not even have multi ports like the Satechi that I got see photo above.

With the additional ports, I now can have my mouse, keyboard and if you come from Photoshop and Lightroom world you somehow will have a Wacom tablet with the pen as your input device. So Apple pen is nice but you have your trusted accessories that you come to love over the years and it will work fine with the iPad. (Have not tested yet)

But the reason I got into the iPad in the first place was the touch based of the iPad. So my 10 fingers now act as a mouse and input device. Some time is not so precise as a pen but I can live with it. Worse case scenario I will bring out my Wacom tablet and with the USB-C hub my Wacom table should work with the iPad.

I got the base model iPad Air 4 with 64 GB memory. My initial thought was I can and I’m going to use an external SSD drive to store all my digital assets. Since Luma Fusion can edit video from an external SSD I bought myself a Samsung T7 500 GB SSD.

I thought of saving some money by going with external storage. But it never work out that way, that is too easy right? The problem with Samsung SSD is doesn’t work with Apple iPad straight out of the box. I think I have to format the SSD on an Apple Mac computer before I could use it. Not a single YouTube reviewers mentioned this, there is lie and it is lie by omission.

Initially I was going to buy the external SSD from an Apple affiliated brand like LaCie. But all sold out in Australia. Everybody in Australia I know don’t like to pay Apple tax. And certainly people doesn’t want to go the cloud route that Apple is trying to push.

Samsung SSD drive is leading the market right now in term of sales and reliability. So any one got a Mac that I could borrow for a few minutes to format my SSD? There is always Apple store but would they format a competitor brand?

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