GH6 is coming this year. Should you upgrade from GH4/GH5?

If you’re a big fan of a GH cameras from Panasonic, you know that the GH6 is coming this year. It is a long overdue upgrade to the flagship video centric camera from Panasonic.

There are guys out there that was begging Panasonic to make an upgraded to the wildly popular GH5. For the price and form factor that was the GH5, nothing in the market comes close to it.

But Panasonic have one foot on Micro Fourth Thirds and the other foot in 35mm full frame format. The thing about being average was that Panasonic have not succeeded in both endeavours. They have now realised there huge mistakes and back track to M43 system.

There was well known Youtube channel that predicts the dead of M43 system since Olympus OMD was in trouble and Panasonic dabbled into 35mm format. But fortunate Mr depth of field was wrong about it. Could you guess who I am talking about. I called him Mr “Depth of Field” because that’s all he knows about photography.

The GH6 is coming sometime at the end of the year just enough time for the Christmas rush for the American market. And Panasonic hopefully comes true with a remarkable camera and wins back confidence in their fans based. And I am one those fanboys of Panasonic cameras.

But the big question would the GH6 be the camera for you to upgrade? Depends if you making your living with a camera right? If you’re a Pro or someone making a living by taking photos and videos then the upgrade is obvious.

However, the majority of Panasonic user based are enthusiasts and there so much option right now that making a commitment to M43 doesn’t seems to make sense anymore.

I am all about travelling light, since I had the GH4 I am contemplating into downsizing my camera. It was an upgraded from the G7 and I could feel the extra weight on me. If I am not planing any travel or have a travel cameras then M43 these days still a great choice for anyone looking to get into serious photography and videography.

But for me, the GoPro 10 and IPhone 13 intrigue me more as weight and compactness is my number one priority. We have to see what the Gh6 brings to the market.


Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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