Procreate an alternative to Photoshop?

The photo above is my first ever Procreate document. I was just playing around with orders tools and settings in Procreate and see if it can match Photoshop in its capacity. I’m still new to this app but so far I’m really impressed with it so far. Very snappy in this application all the tools that you normally use it for a Photoshop, you just it feel more snappier.

Actually this was my second, the first one was just a random stuff. It was more abstract painting, I want to play with with my fingers with the iPad to paint and see how it goes. That is how I like to use a new apps or software. Just play with it for a while. I did watch a few tutorials and read up on the menu a bit before decide to purchased the app. So I was not a beginner. Some people have big fear syndrome of new things and that is the worst thing you could do to your learning curve.

I know how to use Photoshop, not fully, just enough to do what I have to do as a photographer to get to the job that I want to do. But the skills I know from Photoshop still applies in other programs. Adobe was the pioneer in the digital art form and once you know Photoshop you can take it to other program no problem.

I haven’t use Photoshop for a long time but the skills of Photoshop is there with me. I know about masking, I know about layers, I know about blend mode. There is enough tools in Procreate that can satisfy me as a creator. Since this program is mainly for painter and illustrator it doesn’t have a text as in Photoshop.

But that is okay as I can freehand my text. There’s no more uniqueness and that’s right your own handwriting. My handwriting is not the best in the world but is unique in its own way. The reason why I want to use text because I want to create a good YouTube thumbnail. I am as a YouTube creator for the past month as a new endeavour. Also it keeps me ground as I have something to do to past the time since Sydney lockdown.

I am no expert in this new apps but so far playing with it, I can say it meets my expectation. And for the price you pay for it in comparison to Photoshop I cannot complain right? Look out for Procreate as a new name in the creative field.


Published by Travis Chau

I'm a freelance makeup artist from Sydney, Australia. If you hang around creative people long enough you well get the bug to create as well. So now I am into photography, timelapse photography and maybe video/film later.

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