How to install Lumafusion Presets and Get 10 FREE Lower Thirds so you can play with it.

Have you bought or get Luma Fusion preset on the net? Did they provide an installation guide for you if not then in this blog posts I will share my way of installing a LumaFusion Presets.

This method works with any preset for LumaFusion, either a LUTS, title and lower thirds. A preset it’s like a quick start, is it not perfect out of the box in most cases. So use preset as a starting point, a guide you could say, to make things quicker in your video editing.

Download from what ever website you happen to find the preset. It is usually in your Download Folder. See below photo. From here we have to install it into Lumafusion. See the steps below for full details with photos that I have made as part of the instruction for my Lumafusion Classic Pack. It’s FREE as promised on the tittle.

An example folders of Preset in Download

1) Download From Link provided by Gumroad

2) No need to unzip or you have unzip before installing. Check the descriptions where you get yours preset from.

3) Locate Your Preset from Downloaded Folders “TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds” in Download

4) There are 3 folders to Download a)TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds b)TLN Lumafusion Motion Presets c)TLN PNG Lower Thirds of the graphics so you use it in other video editing softwares 

5) Only need to install a)TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds and b)TLN Lumafusion Motion Presets

6) Copy all 10 “TLN Classic Lower Thirds” see below

7) Open File App

8) Go to my iPad 

9) Select Lumafusion (Be careful as you might corrupt Lumafusion) See below where the red arrow is pointing.

10) Select Preset

11) Paste to Tittles (IMPORTANT STEP)

12) Open Tittles Folder to check if the file “.tittledata” is in there, see top photo for an example.

13) Open Lumafusion (May Need To Restart IPad)

14) Insert any Tittle

15) Double Tap Tittle 

16) User Preset (On top of page) should now be installed otherwise restart Lumafusion and or iPad. See below of the example.

17) Voila Let’s Play. Now you can modify any settings in here to suit your needs. And that is a good preset if you don’t have to do too much to makes it work for you. See below I could possibly modify any elements in the text and graphic to make the preset your own. See below.


19) Follow Steps 5 To 10

20) Paste to “Motions” folder (Important step) See Below

21) Double Check To see if you’re pasted the right file “.motionpreset”

22) It is now in your User Preset in the “Frame and Fit” Tab

23) Select the Star tap on top corner

24) Voila 5 Seconds Motion Animation in 24fps. Let’s Play

Do you want this Lower Thirds and Motion Animation Presets? I am giving it away FREE. But you could give me coffee money if you want. It took me at least 10 hours to put everything together. But I am in the giving season, so it is FREE for you if you’re going to Click Here.

Want to see what it looks like? I would love to show you. Check the video below where I have put the Lower Thirds and Motion Animation to work so you know what are the possibilities and time saving that you could get by download and install it in Lumafusion.

Still want to better understand how to install the preset? Check out the video below where I run through the process from A to Z. And have you download the presets yet? It’s FREE cannot get easier than that.


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