Is Panasonic missing the Boat with the GH6?

What is the reason for the delay in the GH6 release date? Could it be the going be released this year wasn’t equal or surpass the competion? Let’s find out in this post.

The 27th of October was the rumours running around the net about the release of the GH6. We soon found out the rumours are not true at all. What did we know so far is that the price and a few specs.

So the big question, is Panasonic missing the boat with the Panasonic GH6. We all know that October to December is Tech season. Every tech manufactures want to release their products for the holidays and Black Friday shopping spree. But Panasonic disappoint the fans again and keep delaying the release date.

I can only speculate as to the reasons. I have two that are quite relevant. The first is the GH6 if released right now is not on par with the competition. We have seen some spectacular cameras released from all the full frame this year and all can claim to be the best camera that ever made. So that leaves the GH6, where is it now in late 2021. The GH4 was the first for 4K to the mass and that camera is very popular with videographers and indie filmmakers. It was a revolutionary camera for it times. Where would the GH6 leaves us?

Could it possibly Panasonic is brewing a 8K Micro Fourth Third camera? That would be an new revolutionary products that will sell like hot cakes just like the GH4 back in 2014.

The market for mirrorless camera is shrinking by the day as the iPhone 13 Pro eats into the pro and enthusiastic camera market. I am personally is thinking of the IPhone as my next and only camera. What was the selling point of M43 cameras? Light and affordable cameras to replace DSLR. The DSLRs manufacturers are catching on, where is the niche for M43?

The iPhone has gone a long wait, since the iPhone 13 Pro has the capability to shoot 4K in Prores has changed the game for many people. It is now a pro cameras now and even has the in body stabiliser that Olympus has mastered over the years. This is the first generation of iPhone that has this pro camera features. The next generations will amaze us even more.

So back to our initial question, is Panasonic missing the boat? They missed the boat when they start diving into full frame territory. They should have released the GH6 back in 2018 and they will dominate all cameras market. But the have an each way bet on M43 and Full Frame and end up as a failing juggler.

Want hear more about this story, I have a long discussion on my video right down here. But in this post I goes through the main points I try to convey to you that unless Panasonic can proves it still commit to M43 system, my next camera is an iPhone 13 Pro. Better release the GH6 in the first quarter of 2022 otherwise the fans will leave you guys. It is easier to keep selling to an existing customer than to find a new one.


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