Can Lumafusion edit 8K video from a Samsung Tab S8 Ultra?

This is just my speculation only. But I reckon Lumafusion can edit 8K video with the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. When Lumafusion was stuck in the IOS eco system, they have to play by Apple rules.

Now Lumafusion is just like a fish out on the open sea, it is not constrained by Apple 5Gb of RAM on any apps anymore. The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra can goes up to 16 gb of RAM. So I suspect with the new snapdragon processor, I think it can edit 8K video on a tablet.

The Apple M1 iPad Pro can do it as well but Apple are pushing Pro Video Editor to the Mac Book Pro with Final Cut. This is where my speculation as well or you can say it is a rumours that Lumafusion because of this reason has switched to Android.

There is pro level features that have not being released by LumaTouch for nearly a year? Mainly the directors pack and craft pack. This two pay upgraded can significantly reduce editing time for pro editor.

Now the reason why the non released was that Apple are not approved in the Apps store? We can only speculate, but there is no point in basically start a whole new video editing apps from scratch to suit Android users.

There must be other significant tensions in the relationship between Apple and Luma Touch. Other wise Lumatouch will not put all the energy on creating a new app from scratch.

There is a lots of Lumafusion based users that are waiting for the new release of this Pro features. Basically, from what we’re seen from the demo. The new features is ready, but once it ready and available. Who’s going to buy the Mac Book Pro anymore for video editing?

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