Vivid Sydney and Media Pass?

View from a tripod friendly spot Cahill Express Walk

I love Vivid Sydney but certain decisions that certainly let the public down. For one the event was popular due to photographers in Sydney spread the word for the city since it’s inception. It’s a free publicity for the city and that was the whole purpose of the event.

When was the public need a media pass to take photo of the event? Any one with a decent tripod on public property was asked to produce a media pass? Where was the notice to the photography public on Vivid Sydney website? The answer is none and what they ask the public with a decent camera with a tripod is applied for a media pass? And how many will be accepted? The answer not too many.

Is the government turning their back on the photography and videography public? The same group that actively promote the event for the city since inception.

View to the Harbour Bridge

Now any Joe Blow or Jill Public with a smart phone can take the photos and video. And any one with a decent camera with a tripod is not allow?

I can see the argument for the media pass as tripod can be a hazard to the public in some space. If that was the case then have the security guard prevent people from setting up the tripod in the first place.

One such place is on the Cahill Express Walk, the best angle to take in the paranomic view of Circular Quay has a very narrow section. That place definitely could be a tripod hazard. But to ask every Joe and Jill Public to produced a media pass to take photo in public place? Are you out of your mind NSW government?

When was the last time someone has serious trip over a tripod and hurt themselves? The answer is never and it only appear in the lawyer office.

After two year of absence due to the situation and the city want to bring people back and one group is not welcome is photography public. The media if they could promote the city they would have already but I have never met a media photographer or videographer that had the interest to create art.

View of the Opera House

How could a city promote the beauties of it city landmarks without great photographs and videos? The Government can spend million of dollars in promoting the city but photographers do it for free.

How many great photographs have been taken of Vivid Sydney since the inception? And most of the great photographs share on social media which reach a world wide audiences were from enthusiastic photographers.

There is a thing call Facebook, Instagram and YouTube NSW Government. So you consider everyone that has posted a decent photo of Vivid Sydney on social media in the past must apply for a media pass? Everyone now is a personal media brand now according to the NSW government.

Can anyone with some brain cells in the NSW Government do something about this issue?


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