Hi, my name is Travis Chau. I am a travel photographer/videographer based in Sydney Australia.

I am a self-taught camera nuts. Travel is my passion and I used the camera to capture those moments that cannot repeat. I am passionate about timelapse photography that is why I have started this website to share my experiences with everyone and hopefully inspire you to go out and create something memorable.

Do you help with video editing in Lumafusion? Recently I have discovered the iPad and some of the wonderful apps. One of those is a video editing app called Lumafusion.

I have just discovered Lumafusion and I have made over 100 video tutorials on my YouTube Channel TimelapseNuts so you can check it out if you need help as a beginner. Also have some more advanced videos so you if you just like me and recently found out about Lumafusion. You can have a great source or starting point for your references.

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