How to install Lumafusion Presets and Get 10 FREE Lower Thirds so you can play with it.

Have you bought or get Luma Fusion preset on the net? Did they provide an installation guide for you if not then in this blog posts I will share my way of installing a LumaFusion Presets.

This method works with any preset for LumaFusion, either a LUTS, title and lower thirds. A preset it’s like a quick start, is it not perfect out of the box in most cases. So use preset as a starting point, a guide you could say, to make things quicker in your video editing.

Download from what ever website you happen to find the preset. It is usually in your Download Folder. See below photo. From here we have to install it into Lumafusion. See the steps below for full details with photos that I have made as part of the instruction for my Lumafusion Classic Pack. It’s FREE as promised on the tittle.

An example folders of Preset in Download

1) Download From Link provided by Gumroad

2) No need to unzip or you have unzip before installing. Check the descriptions where you get yours preset from.

3) Locate Your Preset from Downloaded Folders “TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds” in Download

4) There are 3 folders to Download a)TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds b)TLN Lumafusion Motion Presets c)TLN PNG Lower Thirds of the graphics so you use it in other video editing softwares 

5) Only need to install a)TLN Lumafusion Lower Thirds and b)TLN Lumafusion Motion Presets

6) Copy all 10 “TLN Classic Lower Thirds” see below

7) Open File App

8) Go to my iPad 

9) Select Lumafusion (Be careful as you might corrupt Lumafusion) See below where the red arrow is pointing.

10) Select Preset

11) Paste to Tittles (IMPORTANT STEP)

12) Open Tittles Folder to check if the file “.tittledata” is in there, see top photo for an example.

13) Open Lumafusion (May Need To Restart IPad)

14) Insert any Tittle

15) Double Tap Tittle 

16) User Preset (On top of page) should now be installed otherwise restart Lumafusion and or iPad. See below of the example.

17) Voila Let’s Play. Now you can modify any settings in here to suit your needs. And that is a good preset if you don’t have to do too much to makes it work for you. See below I could possibly modify any elements in the text and graphic to make the preset your own. See below.


19) Follow Steps 5 To 10

20) Paste to “Motions” folder (Important step) See Below

21) Double Check To see if you’re pasted the right file “.motionpreset”

22) It is now in your User Preset in the “Frame and Fit” Tab

23) Select the Star tap on top corner

24) Voila 5 Seconds Motion Animation in 24fps. Let’s Play

Do you want this Lower Thirds and Motion Animation Presets? I am giving it away FREE. But you could give me coffee money if you want. It took me at least 10 hours to put everything together. But I am in the giving season, so it is FREE for you if you’re going to Click Here.

Want to see what it looks like? I would love to show you. Check the video below where I have put the Lower Thirds and Motion Animation to work so you know what are the possibilities and time saving that you could get by download and install it in Lumafusion.

Still want to better understand how to install the preset? Check out the video below where I run through the process from A to Z. And have you download the presets yet? It’s FREE cannot get easier than that.


Shutter is your friend as a time lapse photographer and even so as a photographer.

When I’m shooting time-lapse I’m most conscious of the shutter speed I’m using to the capture the photos. If you didn’t know the golden rule of your shutter speed should be doubled your frame rate then your not taking much video with a DSLR or mirror less camera lately.

In the video world, videographer uses shutter angle not shutter speed to gain the right exposure and frame rate settings on the camera. As a photographer I am aware of shutter speed and the exposure triangle with ISO and Aperture makes up the trilogy.

Since I got the GH4 as my main camera, I am starting to learn more about shutter angle. Mainly because I want to uses slow motion as a B-roll shot and I don’t want to change the shutter speed to match with the golden rule above.

But as a time lapse shooter I am not handicapped by the shutter and that’s why we get admiration from cinematographer and Hollywood A class directors. Where else could you get really smooth video of the waves or the incredible holy frail time lapses.

How about the long car light head and rear light trails? Or even those magical night sky time lapse of the stars. No wonder why we get admiration from someone that just press the red button right?

I am sometime wonder why there is not much interest in time lapse photography among the public? They’re all seen one form of time lapse in their time with so many Hollywood movies and tv shows using time lapse as an establishing shots.

I came with the solution that is it requires more patience than any form of digital visual art. People live in a 3 seconds world and time lapse seems so odd why can’t you press the red button? I don’t called my selves a nuts for no reason.

By the way could you guess the shutter speed of the photo above with the dancer? Leave me a comment with your guess. Oh when can an iPhone capture the photo above then I will line up to take Apple latest offerings.


One pack world travel. Important documents, Toiletries and miscellaneous items

So far to my previous posts I have share what I’ve learned from travelling for five years at least. Since I picked up photography the camera is my passport to the world.

From my experience in travelling you certainly can travel with just one backpack. Yes it will be very difficult but does the challenge of travelling light.

Now in this post I will share my experience impacting important documents, toiletries and some other miscellaneous items that we haven’t discussed so far.

Your passport is your most important documents you have with you so keep it in a very safe place. Usually I have it in my hidden pockets or some people use a hidden chest pocket. What’s what’s your password is gone missing it will be very difficult and very painful to go through the process of getting it back so keep it in a very safe place.

The other important document is your insurance and money. I like to keep around US$1000 in cash so any emergencies arises I could come with that with that money. Apart from the cash at hand, I also have my credit cards available with me so I can I have access to my money if I need to.

One credit card you have with you all the time and the other one you keeping your backpack in a safe place. Usually most hotel guest houses and hotel have a safe somewhere. Once you drop your back down and you just should keep all your important documents with you in a safe and make sure you remember to pin I or lock combinations.

With the passport I also have a for a photocopy of it at home and one with me somewhere in my documents. It is easier to talk to someone that doesn’t know English when you have your document with you even though it’s not a real document but is a representation that you are a real person that you are not an imposter.

Thank God that I haven’t had a chance to go through this process of it losing my passport when I’m travelling. I have learnt this tips from other experienced traveller out there, I’m just here to pass on my knowledge to you and make sure you apply it.

I think I have drummed the point about important document to death with this post already. I’m sure you get the point that documents are very very important.

Another section of your travelling that you have to think about is your toiletries. Ladies and gentleman, I don’t have personal experience with the other side of the fence so the ask me about what to pack as your toiletries.

Most of your toiletry needs Is available at the destination that you going to so don’t bring too much. I personally just bring my toothbrush, And the first thing that I’m gonna buy at my destination is a tooth paste. Other Toiletries items that arise you can get it at any place in the world, Yeah it is an important things to bring but it’s not as important that you can’t get it at your destination.

Some people proper brought with them I whole toiletry pack. And you guys know that what I called this kind of people they are flashpacker. Yes we all want to be like them but we value light and nimble when we travelling.

Yes admire them but be more pity of them even further. That’s no fun carrying I huge backpack when you in a hot and humid place around the world. Just have a small smile when you come across the flashpacker and think of this post and you’ll thanks me for it.

Also the last items that we have to consider it’s all those off item that we are not in any particular section of our packing strategy. For example a lock, pen, conflakes, earplugs and other item personalised to you. It’s must have item for you personally but usually it doesn’t belong to any one else but you have to bring it then it’s in the miscellaneous items.

I think I have covered the section very well with all this strategy in mind when you’re packing. You should have a very light and nimble backpack for your next backpacking around the world.

The zoom effect is the oldest photography trick that not many people know about it.

Zoom Effect Sydney Harbour Bridge Vivid Sydney 2022

While I was taken Timelapse photos of Vivid Sydney I like to experiment a little bit with my photography. One of the trick that makes your photos stands out among the crowd is the zoom effect.

It is the oldest photography trick in the book and only a few knew it. Until now anyway. Some new photographer have never heard of such trick. The old photographers either dead and/or bring the secrets to the grave.

Tradition long exposure 60 Seconds

So how do you do a zoom effect you might ask? You need zoom lens and a tripod. And lots of practice. So anyone with a kit lens can do this trick but depends on your camera manufacturer the kit lens might not be as good for zooming in and out.

Gear aside let’s talk about how we are going to do this. You still need good composition and the rule of photography still applies. You’re doing a zoom effect but have the photography rule on mind.

Notice the Foot of the Bridge is still sharp

Step 1 exposure for half the length of the exposure.

Step 2 Zoom the lens for the rest of the exposure.

Yes that is how simple it is to do zoom effect. But some people will want a formula so here it is from experience. Start with this exposure then experiment to your own taste.

ISO 100, Aperture F8, Shutter Speed 6 seconds

Three seconds is for step one because we want a somewhat sharp image so the audiences know what it is. Presume you are taken a well known landmark like the Harbour Bridge in the examples.

Three seconds for step two which you are going to zoom the lens while the camera is still exposing for the image. Yes you have to find the right subject and a lot of experiment.

Vivid Sydney Many Colours On The Coat Hanger

This trick is old as the first zoom lens was invented. So go ahead and experiment away. So no matter where you go, you my friend will have a unique photographs for your personal enjoyment.

Vivid Sydney and Media Pass?

View from a tripod friendly spot Cahill Express Walk

I love Vivid Sydney but certain decisions that certainly let the public down. For one the event was popular due to photographers in Sydney spread the word for the city since it’s inception. It’s a free publicity for the city and that was the whole purpose of the event.

When was the public need a media pass to take photo of the event? Any one with a decent tripod on public property was asked to produce a media pass? Where was the notice to the photography public on Vivid Sydney website? The answer is none and what they ask the public with a decent camera with a tripod is applied for a media pass? And how many will be accepted? The answer not too many.

Is the government turning their back on the photography and videography public? The same group that actively promote the event for the city since inception.

View to the Harbour Bridge

Now any Joe Blow or Jill Public with a smart phone can take the photos and video. And any one with a decent camera with a tripod is not allow?

I can see the argument for the media pass as tripod can be a hazard to the public in some space. If that was the case then have the security guard prevent people from setting up the tripod in the first place.

One such place is on the Cahill Express Walk, the best angle to take in the paranomic view of Circular Quay has a very narrow section. That place definitely could be a tripod hazard. But to ask every Joe and Jill Public to produced a media pass to take photo in public place? Are you out of your mind NSW government?

When was the last time someone has serious trip over a tripod and hurt themselves? The answer is never and it only appear in the lawyer office.

After two year of absence due to the situation and the city want to bring people back and one group is not welcome is photography public. The media if they could promote the city they would have already but I have never met a media photographer or videographer that had the interest to create art.

View of the Opera House

How could a city promote the beauties of it city landmarks without great photographs and videos? The Government can spend million of dollars in promoting the city but photographers do it for free.

How many great photographs have been taken of Vivid Sydney since the inception? And most of the great photographs share on social media which reach a world wide audiences were from enthusiastic photographers.

There is a thing call Facebook, Instagram and YouTube NSW Government. So you consider everyone that has posted a decent photo of Vivid Sydney on social media in the past must apply for a media pass? Everyone now is a personal media brand now according to the NSW government.

Can anyone with some brain cells in the NSW Government do something about this issue?

Vivid Sydney is back

After two years of absence due to the situation, Sydneysiders were treated to the most spectacular light show and installations to date. How could I judge that? Well I’ve been taken photos of Vivid Sydney since 2012.

That’s 10 years experience in my photography journey. I was a beginner photographer and I was delight to see a beautiful exposure nightscape photo with long exposure. I was hooked ever since.

I did dabble into video but the quality compared to raw photo edited in a timelapse changed my view on video production. I still do video production but my passion is with Timelapse Photography.

What is the secret of getting great Timelapse photos? Patient and more patient. It is easier just to press the red button for video? Why waste your time doing Timelapse photography and make it into a video right?

There was a reason why I called myself the Timelapse Nuts. Now you know the answer? But is he really crazy? There is a thin line between genius and insanity. I take insanity any time and we need some insanity in our life…sometimes.

Lumafusion Directors Pack is Dead?

What happens since the last time I have communicated with you guys? Well, Lumafusion Directors Pack is dead. Luma Touch announced the non released of pro level editing and now will be replaced by individual features.

It’s a pay as you go model. If you need multicam editing, you need to pay for this specific feature. There is no news on Luma Touch end when and how much each feature will cost us.

Is this a good news for us users? I believe this is great news. Instead of bundle many pro features into one, release one by one and less testing is required. 

Luma Touch response to the overwhelming request for multicam editing from users since they’re shown us last year. But testing and more testing was needed, that was the story from Luma Touch. Are we’re buying that story?

Another big news is Apple iPad Air 5 was released. It now has the M1 chip, which means Prores editing on the new Air is possible. If you on a budget and looking for a very iPad, the Air now offers great deal.

No news yet from Lumatouch if the new Air is supported Prores editing. It is just my speculation that the Air can edit Prores. We have to wait and see the developments in the coming months.

Lumafusion is Expanding To Android Users

What was the big news that are coming out in the past month has everyone using Lumafusion some what confused? Luma Touch now makes Android users have accessed to Lumafusion for the first time with the Samsung Tab S8 series.

Some people worry that they have made the wrong moved by not concentrating on the IOS ecosystem. Lumafusion is not the best video editing app on the planet, why not put all the resources in creating the best editing app?

At the same time there were customers based that happy they’re expanding. But these customers worry the added resources to Android ecosystem could potentially affect Lumatouch ability to consistently upgrade the products.

Others simply don’t care and simply wants a free on going update to the app free. Is it wonderful world where everything is free.

And the more experienced editors that came from the world of Adobe products and hates the subscription model of Adobe. These people wish Luma Touch not be eaten up by Adobe. They hope and wish Luma Touch is independent in developing vision as well as financial well being to create the best touch based video editing apps.

So the expansion could be good news and bad news for some of us out there. Your reactions could possibly fall into those four scenarios above. We have to wait and see how the take up on Android side and how Luma Touch juggle with two totally editing apps.

Can Lumafusion edit 8K video from a Samsung Tab S8 Ultra?

This is just my speculation only. But I reckon Lumafusion can edit 8K video with the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. When Lumafusion was stuck in the IOS eco system, they have to play by Apple rules.

Now Lumafusion is just like a fish out on the open sea, it is not constrained by Apple 5Gb of RAM on any apps anymore. The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra can goes up to 16 gb of RAM. So I suspect with the new snapdragon processor, I think it can edit 8K video on a tablet.

The Apple M1 iPad Pro can do it as well but Apple are pushing Pro Video Editor to the Mac Book Pro with Final Cut. This is where my speculation as well or you can say it is a rumours that Lumafusion because of this reason has switched to Android.

There is pro level features that have not being released by LumaTouch for nearly a year? Mainly the directors pack and craft pack. This two pay upgraded can significantly reduce editing time for pro editor.

Now the reason why the non released was that Apple are not approved in the Apps store? We can only speculate, but there is no point in basically start a whole new video editing apps from scratch to suit Android users.

There must be other significant tensions in the relationship between Apple and Luma Touch. Other wise Lumatouch will not put all the energy on creating a new app from scratch.

There is a lots of Lumafusion based users that are waiting for the new release of this Pro features. Basically, from what we’re seen from the demo. The new features is ready, but once it ready and available. Who’s going to buy the Mac Book Pro anymore for video editing?

Lumafusion is coming to Android

At Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung has officially announced Lumafusion is joining the tech giant for the first time. An exciting time for video editor and content creators. Lumafusion is only available on IOS and Apple M1 Mac until now.

Being a Lumafusion educator on YouTube, the moves means it opens up a whole new market for educator like myself. I am excited about the announcement from Lumatouch.

I did a poll on Reddit in Lumafusion public forum and the majority of people are supportive of the moves. However there is always a small minority of people that think the moves from Lumatouch is a big mistake.

I made a video tittle is Lumafusion coming to Android, and basically I argued in the video that they are unlikely. I made the video last year and they announced a move to Android at the end of December.

Since then I have made a follow up videos sharing my thoughts on the matters. As an educator on Lumafusion. I am excited as more people are discovering Lumafusion.

Hopefully my first video about Lumafusion doesn’t come into fruition otherwise there will be a lot of backlash’s from the current users based of Lumafusion.

Start a new year with possibilities

Happy new year and Lunar new year. Coming from an Eastern background the new year didn’t feel really start until the Lunar new year. Have you had a new year resolution that you like to do?

Please see the above gif and remind yourself that impossible is just a word. We can smash it to pieces. Let’s possible and possibilities be your year this year.

The year of the Tiger. Be Bold, Be Brave and Smash Impossible to the ground. What ever your goal for this year, I wish you all the best.

Animation my first green screen animation in procreate

1st ever green screen animation

When I just got the iPad, I just wanted to create YouTube video in Luma Fusion. But after discovering other unique I apps in the Apple ecosystem then I really begin to explore the huge options for creativity.

Basically the creative process for anyone really into everything arts. Right now I am discovering Procreate. Initially I just want use the app for YouTube thumbnail, as I did not use Photoshop and simply using the iPad as my only computing needs. Look like I am not going back to Adobe any time soon.

In recent years the app has gone a long way and now have animation built in. A painting app now have Motion build in? I could not resist the temptations to push the creative boundary on this app.

Since I start my journey as a MUA, then discovering photography and Timelapse photography. And one thing lead to another, now I am sharing my knowledge on video editing on my YouTube channel.

So a painter has gone full circle. Did anyone guess what the acronym above? Let me know if you have guess it right. No price though. Yes I was a makeup artist before turning into a photographer.

Somehow playing with the animation in procreate feels very natural for me. I’m guess I am animating wth Timelapse Photography already, I do the process with a camera. Now the process with brushes and a blank canvas to work on. Still prefer a talking canvas though.

Did you discover Procreate and Lumafusion yet? Check out my YouTube Channel if you want to learn more about Lumafusion. I have over 100 videos on my channel relate to Lumafusion.

The imagination is unlimited with still, painting, motion picture and audio creation keeps the mind active. I have not found the creative block yet as I have so many interests.

I guess it time for me to share what I know about animation in Procreate. There are many talented artists out there if you want to learn how to paint digitally. But I am a story teller in motion image and animation from a blank canvas is where my strong calling is.

Is Panasonic missing the Boat with the GH6?

What is the reason for the delay in the GH6 release date? Could it be the going be released this year wasn’t equal or surpass the competion? Let’s find out in this post.

The 27th of October was the rumours running around the net about the release of the GH6. We soon found out the rumours are not true at all. What did we know so far is that the price and a few specs.

So the big question, is Panasonic missing the boat with the Panasonic GH6. We all know that October to December is Tech season. Every tech manufactures want to release their products for the holidays and Black Friday shopping spree. But Panasonic disappoint the fans again and keep delaying the release date.

I can only speculate as to the reasons. I have two that are quite relevant. The first is the GH6 if released right now is not on par with the competition. We have seen some spectacular cameras released from all the full frame this year and all can claim to be the best camera that ever made. So that leaves the GH6, where is it now in late 2021. The GH4 was the first for 4K to the mass and that camera is very popular with videographers and indie filmmakers. It was a revolutionary camera for it times. Where would the GH6 leaves us?

Could it possibly Panasonic is brewing a 8K Micro Fourth Third camera? That would be an new revolutionary products that will sell like hot cakes just like the GH4 back in 2014.

The market for mirrorless camera is shrinking by the day as the iPhone 13 Pro eats into the pro and enthusiastic camera market. I am personally is thinking of the IPhone as my next and only camera. What was the selling point of M43 cameras? Light and affordable cameras to replace DSLR. The DSLRs manufacturers are catching on, where is the niche for M43?

The iPhone has gone a long wait, since the iPhone 13 Pro has the capability to shoot 4K in Prores has changed the game for many people. It is now a pro cameras now and even has the in body stabiliser that Olympus has mastered over the years. This is the first generation of iPhone that has this pro camera features. The next generations will amaze us even more.

So back to our initial question, is Panasonic missing the boat? They missed the boat when they start diving into full frame territory. They should have released the GH6 back in 2018 and they will dominate all cameras market. But the have an each way bet on M43 and Full Frame and end up as a failing juggler.

Want hear more about this story, I have a long discussion on my video right down here. But in this post I goes through the main points I try to convey to you that unless Panasonic can proves it still commit to M43 system, my next camera is an iPhone 13 Pro. Better release the GH6 in the first quarter of 2022 otherwise the fans will leave you guys. It is easier to keep selling to an existing customer than to find a new one.

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