IPhone 13 Mini is ready for pre-order. Are you in line to get it this year?

The new iPhone 13 is out and ready to be order are you waiting to get your new iPhone? Have you decided which one you gonna get? For me personally none.

In the past every time I’ve seen people lining up for the iPhones is always amaze me why such people go to such lengths to get a phone. I can understand why if you wait in line to go to see a movie or a concert but not for an iPhone.

Apple has made the iPhone a status symbol that people really want to have the status. Yes we live in a very materialistic isn’t it? The only reason why I am interested in the iPhone right now is light weight and the technologies in the camera has come to a level that is acceptable for me to take it as a travel camera.

The Gopro Hero 10 is also being an announce to be released this year as well. So right now it is a consumer market, yes so much choices around for the budget camera market that the consumer is overloaded with information on which camera best fit there needs.

But right now the iPhone is leading the market for the best phone. One understandably reason is the compactness of the camera and so versatile that everyone has it in their pocket.

The smart phone is part of life now. So for the camera market to survive in the future they have to be very specialise for certain photographer and videographer. And the price will be higher for the camera that is specialised for photographer and videographer needs.

The end result of the consumer will pay the price. We don’t want one particular camera manufacturer to dominate the market. As a consumer I want to have choices.

The iPhone could potentially makes Apple the dominant camera manufacturer in the world. And as a photographer I don’t want that to happen any time soon anyway. Especially when you think of the price that Apple charge for it phones and accessories that come with the phones right now.

Just today that I went on the website of the biggest camera retailer in the world and check out the price of entry level cameras of all the manufacturers. As a value proposition, the new iPhone 13 Mini beat all of them by a long way. I cannot see any big come back for any camera manufacturers out there.

The camera pie is getting smaller and smaller each day as the smart phone with it computation photography takes over photographers and videographers skills. Cameras become more specialised and more expensive by the days. One example is the Canon R3 for wildlife and sports photography.

10 years ago I could not use a smart phone to take night photo, but now the iPhone or any phone is capable of doing such thing. The gap between the novice snap happy photographer and a pro is getting smaller and smaller each day. Good or bad?


Apple iPhone 13 is here, Which one should you get?

Were you the one that watching the Apple event just like me a few days ago? I was excited as excited as everyone else as this is my first Apple event that I participate in even though is an online event.

I am on android user for a long time. But after using the iPad for while now I’m in beginning to enjoy using Apple products. My interested in the iPhone 13, yes because I am want to travel light.

The new iPhone 13 mini really interest me. Is at the price point that is affordable for most people. When you travel you don’t want to bring too much attention to yourself by carrying an expensive phone with you.

I am happy to go with the iPhone 11 as Apple still selling the iPhone 11. I will get it refurbished as it very affordable then. But I’m fairly happy with a used products as I don’t want to draw attention to myself when I’m travelling.

Ideally I will have the iPhone 13 pro for a the latest camera gadget that Apple has put into the new iPhone 13 pro. But it is not practical as I love to travel and the money that I can save with a less expensive phone will help me travel further in the long run.

The old, two years old iPhone 11 can do the job that I need when travelling. It right now could be my second camera. I am still love the controls and the flexibility of the micro 4/3 system.

At the announcement, Apple purposely promotion video of the durability test of the new iPhone 13. The thing that worries me the most when I’m travelling is the durability of my equipment and especially camera equipments.

Nine years ago when I first started travelling, a phone was my only source of digital memories. Yes that’s right the phone wasn’t smart back then. The quality that came out of the phone camera wasn’t the best as a digital memories.

I was not a photographer then I didn’t know better. After that one overseas trip I came home and develop my skills as a photographer. Since then the phone has come along way and in my goal of travelling light I have to reconsider the possibility of just using the phone as my only source of digital memories.

Apple with the event a few days ago have convinced me that they have the same vision as I am. To have a camera that captures candid photos or go deeper and takes professional grade quality image. My main concern right now is durability of the iPhone not the image quality these days.

Luma Fusion A great touch based video editing apps for IOS devices.

Lately I’ve been playing with Luma Fusion. I touch base interface For video editing that is only on Apple iOS devices. One of the main reason why I bought a iPad Air was to edit faster with Luma Fusion.

So far I’m only anything with 1080p video footage from my Panasonic GH4. I know the app can handle 4K anything but right now the iPad Air that I had only have 64 GB memory. Right now every time I finish a project I have to delete all my footages from the iPad system before I can start another project.

That is the only problem that I had so far with Apple products mainly not Luma Fusion. I should have got the 256 GB memory for the iPad Air but I did not.

The reason was I know that I can edit video of a hard drive, I got an SSD from Samsung that I know that I can edit 4K videos from that SSD. I was on willing to pay for the Apple tax, Apple tax is expensive memory compare to competitors out there and overpriced accessories of course.

I knew that all along with Apple iPad but because I want to edit on a tablet and I personally like Luma Fusion when I’ve seen this demonstrate on the Internet.

One problem that I can’t edit my videos on my SSD is that I have to format the SSD so it compatible with iPad iOS devices. I don’t have any Apple Mac at home so I can’t format my hard drive to take footage from my SD card. I am a Window user for a long time and slowly move over to IOS devices.

I can edit videos in premiere pro and da Vinci resolve but those are old fashion editing techniques that I have to used when I’m editing videos. The new touchbase interface when editing video is liberating I now can interact with my footages just by my hands and fingers. That process alone makes the editing process so much more enjoyable.

Lately I’ve been pumping out a lot of videos that were in the back lock. Right now I’m up to my current schedule of videos. I just have to shoot more content for YouTube now that I’m up to date. So the creative juices can flow without stopping because of the limitation of the software or hardware.

Luma Fusion will get better with the more updates so this apps. Right now we are in version three and it’s so much better that I don’t think I can use any other video editing software any more. All the editing tools that I need are there. So if you’re in the market right now for an editing software, I suggest you think of Luma Fusion as your next editing software.

How to create YouTube Shorts. Fun and Fast video turnaround

YouTube shorts are the new improvements on that YouTube. It has gain popularity on YouTube channel. I’m start to experiment with this form of content creation in the past month.

So far I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. It is under 60 seconds and basically you have to put everything into that 60 seconds. With that constrain you can only put one idea into a video.

It is less planning and shooting wise is much easier. I am using an android phone to take all the videos. I quickly edit the video in an app and quickly post it up online.

It is a vertical video which coming from the world of photography and videography background, it is not the best type of viewing experiences. But the audiences are using the smart phones to view content so it is the conveniences over quality.

YouTube now try to compete with Tiktok. And other video sharing platform. The viewership right now is exploding for YouTube short. It is a great time to be a content creator.

But I recommend YouTube because it is a second biggest search engine in the world. If you make your content evergreen, that is the content of people search for then you can get all of views and hopefully make some money out of it. See above YouTube Shorts as an example.

Do I prefer making these kind of content? I have a passion for teachings that is for sure. If people not interested in time lapse like I am, I still can share my varieties of life experiences. Every wins when we share things around.

With the pandemic our lives are disrupted. I never thought of YouTube could be another source of income. But certainly right now people are making a full time income from YouTube.

My friend I am not suggesting you get rich overnight with some viral video. I am suggesting to you that think of YouTube seriously. It could be the freedom, time wise and monetary wise that we seeking.

Bright Smile? Now that’s normal

Go onto my Lightroom library with my new iPad Air. I came up with this album of photos that I haven’t seen for awhile. And guess what I get saw. Yes bright smile of people every where in that catalogue.

This is the normal, not people wearing masks when I go out these days. I want to see people bright teeth with smile from ear to ear. Will we be ever see the normal ever again?

Travis can takes selfie

I just got the iPad and using for just within the week. And so far looking at photos through the iPad, I really become in love with this new device. I’m a digital Photographer.

There’s something magical when you can touch your photos through the screen with the iPad, that make me make me want to go our shoot more of the photos that I’ve seen on my screen.

Looking back at some of the photos I have taken, there’s something that can’t repeat ever again. Like the event I took photos of in the photos. People are generally enjoying them-self not like today.

The expression on people faces is the joy as being a photographer. Where is the fun in photographing people with masks on? I used to take a lot of street photos of people. Any events in Sydney could potentially with a good photograph. I would make the effort to be at the event, just to capture those moments.

Fingers crossed that we are back to the normal not this new order that the government have planned for us. Guess what they have planned for us…not much.

Could the iPad Air help me reduce my backpack down to under 7 kg for world travelling.

I had to be upfront with you guys I am a window and android guy. There’s nothing wrong with iOS device but for me personally I had a psychological trauma with Apple products.

Are used to work for a recycling plant, they recycle electronics products and Apple is one of your brand that the company that I work for is a contract to recycled. So that’s my job I have to use a hammer to smash an iPad to pieces. Sometime IPods and other Apple related products.

Now you know why that I have a psychological damage from Apple products right. When I see Apple products I want to smash it. But things change and I have grown up. No more dramas with Apple products.

But the interesting things that make me switch to an iOS device what’s the capacity for an iPad to edit videos. The products within the Apple ecosystem that allow me to edit photos and videos really efficiently and that’s the reason why I switch to Apple products.

After doing my research and when you buy an Apple products, you want to do your research. It is not a cheap products. But I can see why some people are obsessed with Apple products now.Yes simplicity of the design and how I feel in your hands with Apple products for creative people like me.

I just want something that I can hold my hand and produce art. I should have switched to an apple when I pick up a camera but I’ve always been growing up using a window machine.

So do I switch was hard plus usually there is an Apple tax that we pay. Apple usually have a higher price tag than other technology products out there.I think about all my travelling needs and the technology that have come along way that an iPad and I’m holding right now can edit videos is just amazing.

The products that make me switch is not an Apple product, but an apps within Apple ecosystem that made me switch. That is Luma Fushion. A touch based Application that allow my fingers to navigate the timeline on the videos, it is a more intuitive way of editing videos that the switch to an iPad much more easier.

Review and tutorial on how to use Luma Fusion will be future posts. And I know you guys will enjoy my teachings. So coming full circle again yes certainly you can travel the world with just one backpack a very light back pack I might add.

One pack world travel recap. Technologies and digital memories.

Three sisters, Blue Mountains

I’ve been posting a lot of travelling tips but I think it is more than an important than ever before but I’d share what I have learned from travelling. The world needs traveller and my friend you and I will make the world go back to normal.

Some people travelling for Food,I just travel for pleasure but for me it’s all about it all about digital memories. Digital memories Is a term that I come up with that convey best my understanding of a one pack world traveller looking for exotic memories.

I’ve been travelling for the past 8 to 10 years. True those experience I have my camera is my passport and I have left right now is the Digital memories that I have store in the cloud or in my hard drive. I have not print out any photos that I have taken through all those years of travelling. So my digital memories are there for everyone to see and enjoy.

So the terms of the digital memories for you descriptive of what I want to convey. I have thousands of photos and many videos on YouTube so the memories are there and store in the clouds.

10 years ago when I first start travelling the smart phone that I have with me the photograph and videos that I took with that smart phone wasn’t the best quality. But technologies have changed since 10 years ago.

The smart phones are really smart smart these days. But the thing that fascinated me Is the phone camera has become so much better and I reckon that it can do 80% of all the photography and video needs most people.

So this leave us to the questions,Can my smart phone replace a professional and/or semi-pro camera. For me personally the answer is NO, but for you it could be.

Frazer Island, Queensland

For me I need my main camera as a durable and can take abuse from me. I don’t want my camera to be fragile when I a travelling. Less headache more photos. For me my digital memories are the most important when I’m driving so I need a tools that can capture those memories for me.

I don’t travel for foods, I don’t travel to release stress and I certainly don’t travel for bodily pleasure. I seek adventures and new experiences when I’m travelling. Make new friends could be a goal but I prefer solo travelling. My goals for travelling is to feast on visual stimuli that the world offers.

So we come full circle I travel for digital memories. And I need a camera that can capture those moments for me either true still or are moving images.

But for you my friend is my phone is really can do 80% of the job that you need for your digital memories. So a one light backpack for world travelling could be possible for you if you use a smart phone as your capture device for your digital memories.

One backpack world travel recap. Backpack and clothing considerations.

In my previous post I shared you guys might tips for packing long-term travel as a backpacker. This is a lot of wisdom in what I have to share but there’s always improvement that I can be made. So let me share with you what I have been studying since I might those kind of videos and post.

Let’s start with the backpack, now when you first start your trip start with a 38 L backpack why would I want to recommend an 38l backpack. Since you’re a beginner Traveller that’s a good backpack to start with it is small enough to be a carry on but is not too small that you feel that you could not carry the stuff that you need.

Once you start with 38l backpack and you feel comfortable with Travelling with that backpack then you might think about downsizing. The best way to learn is from your own experience you can take my experience and carry smaller backpack but to be in grain to you my knowledge a bit harder so that’s why I recommend eight and 38 L backpack.

Remember the goal is to have a have just a carry on bag pack and try to stay under 7 kg. Sure you can get away on an aeroplane with a little bit over but is still weight on you so keep that in mind.

Your clothing this is the first thing we have to think about from my previous post I recommend merino wool.Sure is more expensive than a normal clothes but I don’t see you go out and buy straightaway just for your next trip.

Let merino wool as your main clothing choice from now on.You can start our with the T-shirt and underwear with merino wool. Experience using it in your life to see if there any reaction to the wool. Only then that you have the knowledge and firsthand experience in using the materials so I don’t take my word as gospel, experience it for yourself.

Start slowly accumulating the clothing for your one pack world travel. Similarly to a stretch jeans, Just buy one for now use it experience it to see if this is the right type of material for you. Everyone needs a Jean in their life right why not have a four way switch jeans as your next purchase decision.

Oh and the post here as I it is getting too long. Something please post when you go shopping next time. Everybody needs a holiday now and then why not think about what clothing I should be wearing for my next holiday. And let merino wool and four way stretch jeans and idea of just having one backpack for world travel as an idea in your head that is could be possible.

One pack world travel. Important documents, Toiletries and miscellaneous items

So far to my previous posts I have share what I’ve learned from travelling for five years at least. Since I picked up photography the camera is my passport to the world.

From my experience in travelling you certainly can travel with just one backpack. Yes it will be very difficult but does the challenge of travelling light.

Now in this post I will share my experience impacting important documents, toiletries and some other miscellaneous items that we haven’t discussed so far.

Your passport is your most important documents you have with you so keep it in a very safe place. Usually I have it in my hidden pockets or some people use a hidden chest pocket. What’s what’s your password is gone missing it will be very difficult and very painful to go through the process of getting it back so keep it in a very safe place.

The other important document is your insurance and money. I like to keep around US$1000 in cash so any emergencies arises I could come with that with that money. Apart from the cash at hand, I also have my credit cards available with me so I can I have access to my money if I need to.

One credit card you have with you all the time and the other one you keeping your backpack in a safe place. Usually most hotel guest houses and hotel have a safe somewhere. Once you drop your back down and you just should keep all your important documents with you in a safe and make sure you remember to pin I or lock combinations.

With the passport I also have a for a photocopy of it at home and one with me somewhere in my documents. It is easier to talk to someone that doesn’t know English when you have your document with you even though it’s not a real document but is a representation that you are a real person that you are not an imposter.

Thank God that I haven’t had a chance to go through this process of it losing my passport when I’m travelling. I have learnt this tips from other experienced traveller out there, I’m just here to pass on my knowledge to you and make sure you apply it.

I think I have drummed the point about important document to death with this post already. I’m sure you get the point that documents are very very important.

Another section of your travelling that you have to think about is your toiletries. Ladies and gentleman, I don’t have personal experience with the other side of the fence so the ask me about what to pack as your toiletries.

Most of your toiletry needs Is available at the destination that you going to so don’t bring too much. I personally just bring my toothbrush, And the first thing that I’m gonna buy at my destination is a tooth paste. Other Toiletries items that arise you can get it at any place in the world, Yeah it is an important things to bring but it’s not as important that you can’t get it at your destination.

Some people proper brought with them I whole toiletry pack. And you guys know that what I called this kind of people they are flashpacker. Yes we all want to be like them but we value light and nimble when we travelling.

Yes admire them but be more pity of them even further. That’s no fun carrying I huge backpack when you in a hot and humid place around the world. Just have a small smile when you come across the flashpacker and think of this post and you’ll thanks me for it.

Also the last items that we have to consider it’s all those off item that we are not in any particular section of our packing strategy. For example a lock, pen, conflakes, earplugs and other item personalised to you. It’s must have item for you personally but usually it doesn’t belong to any one else but you have to bring it then it’s in the miscellaneous items.

I think I have covered the section very well with all this strategy in mind when you’re packing. You should have a very light and nimble backpack for your next backpacking around the world.

One pack world travel electronics and technology considerations. Packing tips for beginners.

There are people that go to places to eat some people going to places for pleasure. My friend what is your reason to travel, for me personally I like to take photos and video course.

Each and everyone is different when they travel. What is your motivation for travelling ? Have one pack and all your valuables in there for you to travel the whole world now that’s the challenge we have to face when we pack for world travel.

Since I’m into photography and videography, I need my camera to be with me all the time when I’m travelling. And yes of course my laptop or a means to organise my digital memories and share with you guys of course.

From my last trip to Southeast Asia I only bought one backpack with me for two months of travelling. Now I must have put up my hand and say I didn’t go below the requirement for carry on but nobody checked in any way. I definitely could get away with 10 kg but my goal is to reduce it back to 7 kg or under whenever travelling for my next trip.

Now that I’m back in Sydney Australia thinking about my next trip to somewhere exotic location around the world. I’m thinking I could reduce my backpack down if I could somehow reduce the computering power and/or reduce the size of my camera.

Right now I’m editing this post on an iPad. Yes technology has improved over the years and now I think I can edit my photo and video with this Ipad by itself. Sure am I miss out on some of the more advanced of the technology of my laptop like the Apple MacBook Pro. But I’m sure that I can live without that technology with me, I take light weight on my backpack than the technologies any time of the day.

So my friend next time when you travelling considering reduce your technology and you’ll be a smarter traveller. Well be like me next time you travel think just one pack for world travel.

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