Lumafusion Directors Pack is Dead?

What happens since the last time I have communicated with you guys? Well, Lumafusion Directors Pack is dead. Luma Touch announced the non released of pro level editing and now will be replaced by individual features. It’s a pay as you go model. If you need multicam editing, you need to pay for this specificContinue reading “Lumafusion Directors Pack is Dead?”

Procreate an alternative to Photoshop?

The photo above is my first ever Procreate document. I was just playing around with orders tools and settings in Procreate and see if it can match Photoshop in its capacity. I’m still new to this app but so far I’m really impressed with it so far. Very snappy in this application all the toolsContinue reading “Procreate an alternative to Photoshop?”

iPad Air 4 Accessories Unboxing. Only need two.

Have you seen those are videos where the YouTube reviewers about the iPad Air 4 accessories that people must need. I’m telling you now there’s only two that are a must, the rest just unnecessary items that makes thing more clutter. The first item for me personally it’s a USB C dongle or hub whereContinue reading “iPad Air 4 Accessories Unboxing. Only need two.”

IPhone 13 Mini is ready for pre-order. Are you in line to get it this year?

The new iPhone 13 is out and ready to be order are you waiting to get your new iPhone? Have you decided which one you gonna get? For me personally none. In the past every time I’ve seen people lining up for the iPhones is always amaze me why such people go to such lengthsContinue reading “IPhone 13 Mini is ready for pre-order. Are you in line to get it this year?”

Apple iPhone 13 is here, Which one should you get?

Were you the one that watching the Apple event just like me a few days ago? I was excited as excited as everyone else as this is my first Apple event that I participate in even though is an online event. I am on android user for a long time. But after using the iPadContinue reading “Apple iPhone 13 is here, Which one should you get?”

Luma Fusion A great touch based video editing apps for IOS devices.

Lately I’ve been playing with Luma Fusion. I touch base interface For video editing that is only on Apple iOS devices. One of the main reason why I bought a iPad Air was to edit faster with Luma Fusion. So far I’m only anything with 1080p video footage from my Panasonic GH4. I know theContinue reading “Luma Fusion A great touch based video editing apps for IOS devices.”

Bright Smile? Now that’s normal

Go onto my Lightroom library with my new iPad Air. I came up with this album of photos that I haven’t seen for awhile. And guess what I get saw. Yes bright smile of people every where in that catalogue. This is the normal, not people wearing masks when I go out these days. IContinue reading “Bright Smile? Now that’s normal”

Could the iPad Air help me reduce my backpack down to under 7 kg for world travelling.

I had to be upfront with you guys I am a window and android guy. There’s nothing wrong with iOS device but for me personally I had a psychological trauma with Apple products. Are used to work for a recycling plant, they recycle electronics products and Apple is one of your brand that the companyContinue reading “Could the iPad Air help me reduce my backpack down to under 7 kg for world travelling.”