Lumafusion Directors Pack is Dead?

What happens since the last time I have communicated with you guys? Well, Lumafusion Directors Pack is dead. Luma Touch announced the non released of pro level editing and now will be replaced by individual features. It’s a pay as you go model. If you need multicam editing, you need to pay for this specificContinue reading “Lumafusion Directors Pack is Dead?”

Lumafusion is Expanding To Android Users

What was the big news that are coming out in the past month has everyone using Lumafusion some what confused? Luma Touch now makes Android users have accessed to Lumafusion for the first time with the Samsung Tab S8 series. Some people worry that they have made the wrong moved by not concentrating on theContinue reading “Lumafusion is Expanding To Android Users”

Can Lumafusion edit 8K video from a Samsung Tab S8 Ultra?

This is just my speculation only. But I reckon Lumafusion can edit 8K video with the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. When Lumafusion was stuck in the IOS eco system, they have to play by Apple rules. Now Lumafusion is just like a fish out on the open sea, it is not constrained by Apple 5GbContinue reading “Can Lumafusion edit 8K video from a Samsung Tab S8 Ultra?”

Lumafusion is coming to Android

At Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung has officially announced Lumafusion is joining the tech giant for the first time. An exciting time for video editor and content creators. Lumafusion is only available on IOS and Apple M1 Mac until now. Being a Lumafusion educator on YouTube, the moves means it opens up a whole new marketContinue reading “Lumafusion is coming to Android”

Could you make YouTube Shorts with Luma Fusion?

I was wondering about the question above all last night and I have found out answer.Yes you could actually make YouTube shorts with Luma Fusion. I was so playing all day YouTube Shorts. And yes I also edited normal videos. With Luma fusion you simply have to select the right aspect when you first startContinue reading “Could you make YouTube Shorts with Luma Fusion?”

How to add music in Luma Fusion for Content Creators.

I’ve been playing around with Luna Fusion and adding music to the project is something I did all the time. As a photographer and learning about video making process, audio is not our strong point. Hence I always use royalty free music to add to my timeline so can you convey are you stories inContinue reading “How to add music in Luma Fusion for Content Creators.”

Luma Fusion for Lightroom users. A beginner guide tutorials for photographers.

I have just made a short course on how to use Luma Fusion for Lightroom users. I know there’s a lot of photographer out there that have lots photos that they want to share with the world. One of the best way is through videos. I know photographers are not very skills at video editing,Continue reading “Luma Fusion for Lightroom users. A beginner guide tutorials for photographers.”