Revisiting Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia 2017

Every time I visit Cockatoo Island I am always overwhelm by the whole experiences. Firstly I took the ferry to get there and that was an experiences in itself. The view of Sydney from the ferry is amazing. It\’s worldwide famous with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and city skyline shining out in the blue Sydney\’sContinue reading “Revisiting Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia 2017”

New Look Darling Harbour, I\’m in Love Again!

I haven\’t been back to Darling Harbour for a few months and they have completed the Convention and Exhibition Centre. I was studying at the building behind the construction site and all I saw was ugly construction site. I\’m in love again once again to Darling Harbour.

Eight Dragons, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

The great things about Thailand were so  many temples to explore. This was on of those temples inside the old square. I really like the architecture of the roofs and it colours. Apparently it means to represents the three jewels in Buddhism, The Buddha, Sutra and the Sangha. The colour of the roof I mean,Continue reading “Eight Dragons, Chiangmai Thailand 2017”

Thean Hou Chinese Temple, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017

An amazing price to have if you into Chinese architecture building. It was an effort for me to get to this place as I was using public transportation and walked there for 30 minutes. There was a small climb to the temple otherwise the walk was tolerable in the KL heat.This was a travel photographContinue reading “Thean Hou Chinese Temple, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017”

Sydney Central Station, Sydney Australia 2016

I\’ve walked pass this so many times in my life but for first time I have noticed the light reflections off the tile. I have to take to show to the world. It was peak hour at the station and I couldn\’t get rid of people in the photo. Photoshop can do it but itContinue reading “Sydney Central Station, Sydney Australia 2016”

Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Town Hall

Another recognised icon in Sydney was illuminated during Vivid Sydney. It sits right on the busiest intersection in Sydney\’s CBD. I was on the opposite side of the street and simply enjoy the experience of being there. See the hectic people, the traffic jam and no one looks up and simply enjoy the scenery intriguedContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Town Hall”

Southern Cross Train Station, Melbourne VIC Australia 2016

First time back to Melbourne was on the XPT Express from Sydney. I was catching the train from country NSW on a small town called Coontamutra. A very historical town with very nice architectural train station. I was surprise at the name at first because the Southern Cross train station was used to call SpenserContinue reading “Southern Cross Train Station, Melbourne VIC Australia 2016”

State Library of Victoria, Victoria Australia

There\’s many great buildings in Victoria but not many can compare to the State Library of Victoria. When I first walk in they security guards were very accommodating and encouraged people/tourists to take photos. Took a few test shot and walk out but the guards said I can take photos so I did. And the restContinue reading “State Library of Victoria, Victoria Australia”