First Post for 2018 and It\’s AUTUMN

I am being really slack with my post this year. Too busy making a living I guest. That\’s BS. Anyway there\’s always time for photography and create new art each and everyday. Just too lazy to pick up the camera and go out there and make some serious art. Hopefully it is art anyway.It\’s notContinue reading “First Post for 2018 and It\’s AUTUMN”

Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016

This was the panorama that I promised to show. Usually with my blog post I only show one photos and there is a story behind the photos. With this one, I\’m in love with Lightroom CC. It is so easy to merged the photos. I don\’t even have to go to Photoshop to do moreContinue reading “Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016”

Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Woke up early for the sunrise as the sun is getting closer to the Southern Hemisphere. It wasn\’t hard when you just camp near by at Cathedral Reserve. A wonder way in my opinion if you really into landscape photography to camp close by to your spot.With so many national parks in NSW alone, camping is the only way toContinue reading “Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia”

Flower Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens, Blue Mountains Australia 2016

Just got back from a camping trip in the Blue Mountains with some Vegan people. Man some of them have no clue about health and vitality. I observe some of them and they reckon been Vegan is healthy than a SAD diet. It\’s all about chemistry Acid or Base. Our blood Ph is 7.35-7.45 range.Continue reading “Flower Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens, Blue Mountains Australia 2016”

Katoomba Street Art Walk, Katoomba NSW Australia

A surprised awaits me after the Winter Magic street parade. At the back of the main street in Katoomba there was a small but beautiful street art or graffiti as some people prefer to called it. This was commission by the council and the art on show was spectacular. Why couldn\’t we have more of thisContinue reading “Katoomba Street Art Walk, Katoomba NSW Australia”

The Sisters at the Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia 2016

I was hosting two beautiful sisters from America at my home using Couch Surfing. It was a first time that I have host someone at my place. So the experience was quite interesting. Hearing the stories of the sisters travelling the world made my decision to travel for the near future vindicated. If the two sisters can doContinue reading “The Sisters at the Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia 2016”

The Paragon, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia

The Paragon, Katoomba Australia by Travis Chau on 500px Another great find in the Blue Mountains. This time with a great interior that was based on a old cruise ship. The food was okay but I was there for the old decorations they have there. Want to try good foods? Check out Mountains Pies atContinue reading “The Paragon, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia”

"Grand Canyon" Track in the Blue Mountains

Grand Canyon Track Reflective Pool, Blue Mountains by Travis Chau on 500px Just before Winter leaves us for another year I thought to myself why not get a taste of the last Winter chill. So today I was back to Blue Mountains and experienced one of the best bush walking in my life. I thinkContinue reading “"Grand Canyon" Track in the Blue Mountains”

Jamison Lookout Wenthworth Falls Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Jamison Lookout Wenthworth Falls Blue Mountains by Travis Chau on 500px As I was driving in to the Wentworh Fall car park I was hoping there were fogs around and my wish came true. I was the first in the car park and only in the vast landscape all by myself. A wonderful experience withContinue reading “Jamison Lookout Wenthworth Falls Blue Mountains NSW Australia”