Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016

This was the panorama that I promised to show. Usually with my blog post I only show one photos and there is a story behind the photos. With this one, I\’m in love with Lightroom CC. It is so easy to merged the photos. I don\’t even have to go to Photoshop to do moreContinue reading “Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016”

Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Woke up early for the sunrise as the sun is getting closer to the Southern Hemisphere. It wasn\’t hard when you just camp near by at Cathedral Reserve. A wonder way in my opinion if you really into landscape photography to camp close by to your spot.With so many national parks in NSW alone, camping is the only way toContinue reading “Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia”

Flower Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens, Blue Mountains Australia 2016

Just got back from a camping trip in the Blue Mountains with some Vegan people. Man some of them have no clue about health and vitality. I observe some of them and they reckon been Vegan is healthy than a SAD diet. It\’s all about chemistry Acid or Base. Our blood Ph is 7.35-7.45 range.Continue reading “Flower Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens, Blue Mountains Australia 2016”

Devils Marbles Sun Glazing, N.T. Australia 2016

The Devils Marbles is a unique landscape where odd marble like shape rocks formations still creating new marbles. It is a wonderful site to be at during sunrise or sunset. I was there for both occasions and it was one of the highlights of my recent road trip. There\’s a camping site behind the site whichContinue reading “Devils Marbles Sun Glazing, N.T. Australia 2016”