Woolwich A World Apart in Sydney

Lately I have been photographing Woolwich for my collections of the places in Sydney that are now well known by tourists. Not even locals know about them for that matter. One of the best kept secret place is Woolwich just opposite Cockatoo Island.I have been to the area about three times to scout the areaContinue reading “Woolwich A World Apart in Sydney”

Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia 2017

I\’m posting some of the photo from Malaysia even though I\’m in Bangkok right now. I bought a big SD card in Penang. I\”m still haven\’t filled out the card as yet and it has all the photos from Bangkok. I post more photos so Bangkok when I have fill it up.¬†Anyway Penang Hill wasContinue reading “Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia 2017”

Sydney Harbour Sunset, Australia 2016

Is there a better view than the Sydney Harbour during sunset? If another city in the world that claim to have a better view, I\’ll like to see it and I will one day. So far I\’ve only seen the Eastern cities of Australia but from what I\’ve seen in my life. This location hereContinue reading “Sydney Harbour Sunset, Australia 2016”

Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Winter is an exciting time for cityscape photographer in Sydney. The town is transformed into lighting spectaculars. Usually it goes for two weeks in the past but due to the popularity of this event the organisers has extended this year to three weeks.Perfect as it rain usually around this time every year. It certainly makesContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Harbour Bridge”

I\’m going to Queensland for an extended road trip

I\’m going to miss this view. I was up in Queensland just for a few days, this time going up there for work and exploring it more. Things to do up there 1) Great Barrier Reef 2) Whitsundays Islands. I need to tick this off in my bucket list of things to do. I thinkContinue reading “I\’m going to Queensland for an extended road trip”