On Location With the Time Lapse Nuts || Episode 003 || Sydney Gladesville Bridge

Today I’m going to take you guys to another less touristy spot in Sydney for great cityscape photography or time lapse if you into that kind of photography. Gladesville Bridge is not as famous as the Sydney Harbour Bridge but the view in the particular area of Sydney is quite spectacular. I have driven passContinue reading “On Location With the Time Lapse Nuts || Episode 003 || Sydney Gladesville Bridge”

New Look Darling Harbour, I\’m in Love Again!

I haven\’t been back to Darling Harbour for a few months and they have completed the Convention and Exhibition Centre. I was studying at the building behind the construction site and all I saw was ugly construction site. I\’m in love again once again to Darling Harbour.

Penang Sunset, Malaysia 2017

I\’ve missed the city already. The foods were wonderful and basically just do nothing and enjoy a wonderful holiday. Me and my camera and the World Heritage George Town for me to photograph. What more could a photographer want?Oh beside me was the famous hotel forgotten the name unfortunately but it was once the longestContinue reading “Penang Sunset, Malaysia 2017”

Bangkok Peak Hour, Bangkok Thailand 2017

Many tourists first think of Bangkok they though of the foods, shopping and the infamous red light districts. But after experienced all of that you glad you get out of Bangkok. It was a hectic city where if you there for those reasons above then you could have a wonderful time there.¬†For me personally IContinue reading “Bangkok Peak Hour, Bangkok Thailand 2017”

KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017

My guide to navigate the streets of KL. From my hotel window I could see it so when it comes to go somewhere I just use this as a rough guide. I haven\’t been to the top as yet. Apparently the view from there is beautiful. But they over charge tourists for the admission fee.Continue reading “KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017”

Petronas Twin Tower Sunrise, KL Malaysia 2017

The first on my bucket list to do in KL Malaysia was to capture this landmark that makes KL famous all over the world. If you go to KL the locals are very proud of the tower. And so should they. It is a architecture¬†marvel especially during sunrise or sunset.I was there for both occasions,Continue reading “Petronas Twin Tower Sunrise, KL Malaysia 2017”

Sydney Harbour Sunset, Australia 2016

Is there a better view than the Sydney Harbour during sunset? If another city in the world that claim to have a better view, I\’ll like to see it and I will one day. So far I\’ve only seen the Eastern cities of Australia but from what I\’ve seen in my life. This location hereContinue reading “Sydney Harbour Sunset, Australia 2016”

Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Winter is an exciting time for cityscape photographer in Sydney. The town is transformed into lighting spectaculars. Usually it goes for two weeks in the past but due to the popularity of this event the organisers has extended this year to three weeks.Perfect as it rain usually around this time every year. It certainly makesContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Harbour Bridge”

Sydney\’s Skyline Reflection Tutorial

Sydney\’s Skyline Reflections by Travis Chau on 500px First time I\’ve successfully do this simple trick in Photoshop. But first up you need to have a good shot in the first place before you\’re using Photoshop to make it surreal to your taste of course. Okay let\’s talk about how I do this if youContinue reading “Sydney\’s Skyline Reflection Tutorial”