You’re Gonna Be On “Clouds 9” if you shoot this

You probably have guessed what it is from the tittle. Yes you have to make the clouds your number one subject as a time lapse photographer. It doesn’t matter what type of time lapse that you’re into you still make your subject are “the clouds.” For example if you could imagine the Sydney Harbour Bridge.Continue reading “You’re Gonna Be On “Clouds 9” if you shoot this”

Animated GIF with couple enjoying the garden

This was a time lapse piece I did while during the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival. There were too many people there and I though to myself \”I could not photograph the Cherry blossom but the people watching the blossom could be very interesting.\” So I pull out my tripod and simply enjoy the atmosphere ofContinue reading “Animated GIF with couple enjoying the garden”

Sydney\’s Cherry Festival

Just in case anyone has missed out on this year Cherry Festival. Here a short but sweet time lapse video of the event. The closed-up shot was captured a few days before the festival. Gear Used to take photo: All Links are AffiliatedBenro Aero 4 Travel Angel Video Tripod Lumix G7 Lumix 12-35mmContinue reading “Sydney\’s Cherry Festival”

Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016

This was the panorama that I promised to show. Usually with my blog post I only show one photos and there is a story behind the photos. With this one, I\’m in love with Lightroom CC. It is so easy to merged the photos. I don\’t even have to go to Photoshop to do moreContinue reading “Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016”

Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Woke up early for the sunrise as the sun is getting closer to the Southern Hemisphere. It wasn\’t hard when you just camp near by at Cathedral Reserve. A wonder way in my opinion if you really into landscape photography to camp close by to your spot.With so many national parks in NSW alone, camping is the only way toContinue reading “Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia”

Lake Bellfield, Mount Grampians National Park Victoria Australia 2016

First time visiting Mount Grampians National and my photographer friend always compared the National Park to the Blue Mountains in NSW. He was a proud Victorian I must say. When it comes to landscape, mother nature is a winner here, so no matter which states you originated from the landscape still take your breath away. 

Where is my Bridge? Sydney Harbour Under Freakish Clouds

Where is my Bridge by Travis Chau on 500px I never seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge disappear into the clouds. I though I was in San Francisco for a moment when I was there watching the moving clouds blanket the famous coat hanger. I have seen photo of fog under bridge but never a bridge itself totally cover by clouds.I took time lapseContinue reading “Where is my Bridge? Sydney Harbour Under Freakish Clouds”