Kin Kin Sculpture, Sydney Australia 2015

An amazing sculpture making out of bamboo right in the heart of Sydney. Custom House has many events each year and this one is one of those outstanding display on show. You can walk through the sculpture and if you look up, you could simply feel how the massive it is. The artist was tryingContinue reading “Kin Kin Sculpture, Sydney Australia 2015”

Custom House "Sydney\’s under my feet"

Custom House \”Sydney\’s under my feet\” by Travis Chau on 500px First time I actually went into Custom House. Usually I shot outside and so much to shoot outside with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I went in this time and was surprised there was a miniature Sydney model on the floor. I wentContinue reading “Custom House "Sydney\’s under my feet"”

Custom House Christmas Tree 2014

Custom House Sydney Christmas Tree 2014 by Travis Chau on 500px Sometime f8 at 1/250 can be boring. I experiment a little bit with my camera and see what images I can create. Something different, not necessary better and was done in camera which I enjoy more than post processing. Ingredients: ISO 160 | ApertureContinue reading “Custom House Christmas Tree 2014”