Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016

Somehow this year Ferragosto was not excited as last year. Maybe there wasn\’t anything exciting to photograph. If the organiser have a street parade then everything about the Italian will be on show. Less street foods and endless stores to promote products that I don\’t touch.Sure you have cooking demonstrations by some Celebrity Chef, someContinue reading “Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016”

Barangaroo Opening Night Performances

Barangaroo Opening Night Performance by Travis Chau on 500px There was many cultural performances on the opening night of Barangaroo Reserve. I have a few shots that were worthy of sharing. This one here in particular I really like becouase of the lighted sandstone background. ┬áIt sort of a dream like stage or dream land.Continue reading “Barangaroo Opening Night Performances”

Winter Magic 2015 Parade

Winter Magic 2015 Parade by Travis Chau on 500px In the process of developing the photos I took from last Saturday Winter Magic Festival. The parade was always the highlight of Winter Magic. You have some many characters on show and each year the theme changes so people creativity were on show at the parade.ThereContinue reading “Winter Magic 2015 Parade”

Milton Scarecrow Festival 2015: Dancers, Musicians and Artists on Show

I\’m editing some footages I took from last week Milton Scarecrow Festival. I am impressed with the quality of the talents at this small coastal town just 3 hours drive from Sydney. A great day trip by the way.Is it the water here better than Sydney? Something about Milton that I am in love with.Continue reading “Milton Scarecrow Festival 2015: Dancers, Musicians and Artists on Show”