Animated GIF with couple enjoying the garden

This was a time lapse piece I did while during the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival. There were too many people there and I though to myself \”I could not photograph the Cherry blossom but the people watching the blossom could be very interesting.\” So I pull out my tripod and simply enjoy the atmosphere ofContinue reading “Animated GIF with couple enjoying the garden”

Sydney\’s Cherry Festival

Just in case anyone has missed out on this year Cherry Festival. Here a short but sweet time lapse video of the event. The closed-up shot was captured a few days before the festival. Gear Used to take photo: All Links are AffiliatedBenro Aero 4 Travel Angel Video Tripod Lumix G7 Lumix 12-35mmContinue reading “Sydney\’s Cherry Festival”

Home Ground, Sydney Opera House Australia 2016

A wonderful event for to celebrate the indigenous community in Sydney. A great day out to learn about Koori arts, music, customs and foods. The name for this two days festival is \”Home Ground\”, very appropriately I think.┬áThe foreground of the Opera House transformed into a dance pit for the dancers. I was wondering whatContinue reading “Home Ground, Sydney Opera House Australia 2016”

Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016

Somehow this year Ferragosto was not excited as last year. Maybe there wasn\’t anything exciting to photograph. If the organiser have a street parade then everything about the Italian will be on show. Less street foods and endless stores to promote products that I don\’t touch.Sure you have cooking demonstrations by some Celebrity Chef, someContinue reading “Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016”

Mudgee Wine and Food Festival, Balgoral Beach Sydney Australia

Mudgee is a small Hunter Valley Town where it is famous in the region for it wine and fresh produce. This festival is an annual event in Balmoral Beach in Sydney northern suburb where the the participant wineries showcase the best drop to Sydneysider right next to Middle Harbour. One of Sydney less known butContinue reading “Mudgee Wine and Food Festival, Balgoral Beach Sydney Australia”

Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling Match

Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling by Travis Chau on 500px If you want to be entertained then I highly recommend going and see a wrestling match. It is a bit of sports, a touch of comedy and full of agony, which makes great entertainment.After recharged my camera batteries I was ready for the fireworks display atContinue reading “Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling Match”

Winter Magic Festival 2015 "Peace" Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Winter Magic 2015 Parade by Travis Chau on 500px A day trip to the Blue Mountains again, this time was for the Winter Magic Festival. I missed the parade last year, but this year I was there early like sunrise. I planned my trip so I could take photographs of the Katoomba world famous \”ThreeContinue reading “Winter Magic Festival 2015 "Peace" Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia”