Tumut in Autumn

Five hours drive from Sydney and you in a total different world. That\’s where beautiful Tumut lies at the foot of Australia highest mountains range. There so much to explore in this area that I have to visit it again for some photography adventures. Thanks so much Jacky to let me use his balcony forContinue reading “Tumut in Autumn”

Misty Morning Gaydnah Queensland Australia 2016

To fund my road trip up in Queensland I took a job as a packer in a Citrus farm in Gaydnah. Sometime in the morning you get some interesting shots. I always have a camera with me so I never missed any photo opportunities. Living and working in Gaydnah for 8 weeks to fund the bigContinue reading “Misty Morning Gaydnah Queensland Australia 2016”

Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Three Sisters, Eco Point Lookout Katoomba by Travis Chau on 500px I wanted this photo for over two years after the first time I have seen the fog photo of the three sisters a few years ago. I know I have to be  at Echo Point Lookout early to get the morning fog and mistContinue reading “Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia”