Vivid Sydney is back

After two years of absence due to the situation, Sydneysiders were treated to the most spectacular light show and installations to date. How could I judge that? Well I’ve been taken photos of Vivid Sydney since 2012. That’s 10 years experience in my photography journey. I was a beginner photographer and I was delight toContinue reading “Vivid Sydney is back”

Vivid Sydney 2016: Curtain of Lights

Another creative shot that probably 200 other photographers on the same they of Trey Ratcliff\’s Photowalk missed out. Photographers often obsessed with sharpness and the photos sometime can become boring and very clique especially at Mrs Macquarie\’s Chair. The best view on the Opera House and Harbour Bridge that thousands of them have been taken.Continue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016: Curtain of Lights”

Vivid Sydney 2016: Mrs Macquarie\’s Chair Light Painting

I always wanted to paint the rocks at Mrs Macqaurie\’s Chair. Finally during the last night of photograph the bridge and the opera house during Vivid Sydney that I managed to do it. A simple torch and a few gels in my bag makes it possible. 

Vivid Sydney 2016: Kirribilli View

Another shot from the north of the Harbour Bridge. This year the lighting is on the eastern side of the Harbour Bridge. So the shot was very different from the previous year. There\’s probably two more angles that I need to capture when the lighting is on the eastern side. Have to make an effortContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016: Kirribilli View”

Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Winter is an exciting time for cityscape photographer in Sydney. The town is transformed into lighting spectaculars. Usually it goes for two weeks in the past but due to the popularity of this event the organisers has extended this year to three weeks.Perfect as it rain usually around this time every year. It certainly makesContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Harbour Bridge”

I\’m going to Queensland for an extended road trip

I\’m going to miss this view. I was up in Queensland just for a few days, this time going up there for work and exploring it more. Things to do up there 1) Great Barrier Reef 2) Whitsundays Islands. I need to tick this off in my bucket list of things to do. I thinkContinue reading “I\’m going to Queensland for an extended road trip”

Mrs Macquarie Chair, Sydney Australia 2016

Taking a couple to my favourite spot in Sydney to take some photos. They were from India and seeing this spot they will go home with the best memory of Sydney. They were on Couch Surfing and stayed with me for two nights. The culture exchanged was excellent. I\’ve learnt how to make a goodContinue reading “Mrs Macquarie Chair, Sydney Australia 2016”

Where is my Bridge? Sydney Harbour Under Freakish Clouds

Where is my Bridge by Travis Chau on 500px I never seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge disappear into the clouds. I though I was in San Francisco for a moment when I was there watching the moving clouds blanket the famous coat hanger. I have seen photo of fog under bridge but never a bridge itself totally cover by clouds.I took time lapseContinue reading “Where is my Bridge? Sydney Harbour Under Freakish Clouds”

Cowboy Photographer

Cowboy Photographer by Travis Chau on 500px Just finished uploading some photos up on Flicker and post the one that I like on the Meetup group. It took me three days to finalised the post-processing of the photos. Yes most of are black and white and it took me longer than usual to post-processed it.ThisContinue reading “Cowboy Photographer”

Mrs Macqaurie Point Sunset

Mrs Macqaurie Point Sunset by Travis Chau on 500px Winter is the best time to take photo of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House during golden hour and blue hour. The problem with this hot spot is so many cameras pointing to the icons and you are bound to get some heated conversion.Some novice sunsetContinue reading “Mrs Macqaurie Point Sunset”