"She\’s the Devil" or Angel, Winter Magic Katoomba Blue Mountains 2016

s The wonderful thing about Winter Magic in Katoomba was the parade. You have people dressed up and the streets were filled with people. Great for street photographer like myself. Every seconds there were something interesting to photograph. I was putting on my camera on burst to get all the actions. I was using two cameras,Continue reading “"She\’s the Devil" or Angel, Winter Magic Katoomba Blue Mountains 2016”

Katoomba Street Art Walk, Katoomba NSW Australia

A surprised awaits me after the Winter Magic street parade. At the back of the main street in Katoomba there was a small but beautiful street art or graffiti as some people prefer to called it. This was commission by the council and the art on show was spectacular. Why couldn\’t we have more of thisContinue reading “Katoomba Street Art Walk, Katoomba NSW Australia”

Winter Magic 2016 Katoomba NSW Australia

Back again for the Katoomba Winter Magic. Didn\’t stay for the whole day as I had another photowalk in Sydney with Trey Ratcliff. Very productive photography wise. I think I make at least 2000 exposures mainly timelapse of Vivid Sydney. Only one night left before another year of Vivid. Anyway it always fun to be inContinue reading “Winter Magic 2016 Katoomba NSW Australia”

The Sisters at the Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia 2016

I was hosting two beautiful sisters from America at my home using Couch Surfing. It was a first time that I have host someone at my place. So the experience was quite interesting. Hearing the stories of the sisters travelling the world made my decision to travel for the near future vindicated. If the two sisters can doContinue reading “The Sisters at the Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia 2016”

The Paragon, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia

The Paragon, Katoomba Australia by Travis Chau on 500px Another great find in the Blue Mountains. This time with a great interior that was based on a old cruise ship. The food was okay but I was there for the old decorations they have there. Want to try good foods? Check out Mountains Pies atContinue reading “The Paragon, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia”

Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling Match

Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling by Travis Chau on 500px If you want to be entertained then I highly recommend going and see a wrestling match. It is a bit of sports, a touch of comedy and full of agony, which makes great entertainment.After recharged my camera batteries I was ready for the fireworks display atContinue reading “Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling Match”

Winter Magic 2015 Fireworks Above Carrington Hotel

Winter Magic 2015 Fireworks by Travis Chau on 500px To round off the Winter Magic 2015, there was always a fireworks display above Carrington Hotel. One of the oldest and biggest in Katoomba. I was at Winter Magic last year and didn\’t have a shutter release so I just simply watch the display at nearlyContinue reading “Winter Magic 2015 Fireworks Above Carrington Hotel”

Winter Magic 2015 Parade

Winter Magic 2015 Parade by Travis Chau on 500px In the process of developing the photos I took from last Saturday Winter Magic Festival. The parade was always the highlight of Winter Magic. You have some many characters on show and each year the theme changes so people creativity were on show at the parade.ThereContinue reading “Winter Magic 2015 Parade”

Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Three Sisters, Eco Point Lookout Katoomba by Travis Chau on 500px I wanted this photo for over two years after the first time I have seen the fog photo of the three sisters a few years ago. I know I have to be  at Echo Point Lookout early to get the morning fog and mistContinue reading “Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia”

Winter Magic Festival 2015 "Peace" Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Winter Magic 2015 Parade by Travis Chau on 500px A day trip to the Blue Mountains again, this time was for the Winter Magic Festival. I missed the parade last year, but this year I was there early like sunrise. I planned my trip so I could take photographs of the Katoomba world famous \”ThreeContinue reading “Winter Magic Festival 2015 "Peace" Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia”