Vivid Sydney 2016: Curtain of Lights

Another creative shot that probably 200 other photographers on the same they of Trey Ratcliff\’s Photowalk missed out. Photographers often obsessed with sharpness and the photos sometime can become boring and very clique especially at Mrs Macquarie\’s Chair. The best view on the Opera House and Harbour Bridge that thousands of them have been taken.Continue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016: Curtain of Lights”

Cherry Road, Tasmania Australia 2016

The road to my camp in Tasmania. Even though I didn\’t make much money as a cherry picker in Tassie but I though to myself this was the most inexpensive holiday I\’ve ever had. And the view was spectacular. No office can match it in my opinion. There always pros and cons to life isn\’tContinue reading “Cherry Road, Tasmania Australia 2016”

Sculpture by the Sea 2015 "3 Musketeers"

I called this one the \”3 Musketeers\” by the sea. There was a couple using an Iphone to took portrait photos of them at this very same location at night in complete darkness. I gave them some lighting so they could get a better photo. But please do as photographer a favour just ask andContinue reading “Sculpture by the Sea 2015 "3 Musketeers"”

Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015

I haven\’t captured the sculpture by the sea at night and I though to myself why not this year. There was no crowd at all when it\’s at night and you have the sculptures to yourself. No need to rush things or have people in you shots. The photo above is a long exposure and IContinue reading “Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015”

Light Painting Watsons Bay, Sydney Australia

Farm Cove Watson Bay Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on 500px Took this during the first full moon of 2015.  I have made a commitment to photograph on full-moon for the rest of 2015. This particular trip to Watsons Bay, I came back with 17 frames altogether in a shoot. Usually I fill up theContinue reading “Light Painting Watsons Bay, Sydney Australia”

Custom House Christmas Tree 2014

Custom House Sydney Christmas Tree 2014 by Travis Chau on 500px Sometime f8 at 1/250 can be boring. I experiment a little bit with my camera and see what images I can create. Something different, not necessary better and was done in camera which I enjoy more than post processing. Ingredients: ISO 160 | ApertureContinue reading “Custom House Christmas Tree 2014”