Vivid Sydney 2016 Opera House

I was on the road out in the outback when Vivid Sydney was on, but I don\’t want to miss this year show. So from Ulluru I drove all the way back to Sydney for this shot here. Basically I have photograph two of the most iconic Australia landmarks in a about a few weeks.Continue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016 Opera House”

Vivid Sydney 2015: Darling Harbour on Fire

Vivid Sydney 2015 Darling Harbour On Fire by Travis Chau on 500px Still continues with Darling Harbour this time with a glorious fountain display. The background makes the shot for me with the lights on the building and the spinning Ferris Wheel.I was using a short telephoto lens so you can get see closed inContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2015: Darling Harbour on Fire”

Vivid Sydney 2015: Pylon Lookout on the Harbour Bridge Walk

Vivid Sydney 2015 Python Lookout by Travis Chau on 500px One of the joy of Vivid is walking across the Harbour Bridge where at Pylon lookout you can enjoy nearly everything Vivid has to offer. I have taken a lots of photo during Vivid Sydney 2015 and the photo I took on the Python LookoutContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2015: Pylon Lookout on the Harbour Bridge Walk”

Vivid Sydney 2015 CBD Panorama

Vivid Sydney 2015 CBD Panorama by Travis Chau on 500px Out again shooting Vivid Sydney 2015. This time on the northern side of Sydney. There wasn\’t much going on this year in North Sydney as they have moved everything to Chatswood. But the view from the city from here is magical. I have to makeContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2015 CBD Panorama”

Vivid Sydney 2015 Chatswood Jellyfish

Vivid Sydney Chatswood Jellyfish by Travis Chau on 500px There wasn\’t much real estate to play with however Chatswood had given me a great show. The projection onto a 3 sided walls make an interesting view. Didn\’t a fast wide angle lens so I just compose the best I could.Since I didn\’t have a fastContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2015 Chatswood Jellyfish”

Vivid Sydney 2015 Second Night Out Shooting

Vivid Sydney 2015 Darling Harbour Fireworks by Travis Chau on 500px Second night of shooting Vivid Sydney I decided to check out Darling Harbour. Usually they have pretty good show going on at Darling Harbour. The atmosphere simply amazing at this place, a very festive crowd.Saturday is the time to check out Darling Harbour asContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2015 Second Night Out Shooting”