The zoom effect is the oldest photography trick that not many people know about it.

While I was taken Timelapse photos of Vivid Sydney I like to experiment a little bit with my photography. One of the trick that makes your photos stands out among the crowd is the zoom effect. It is the oldest photography trick in the book and only a few knew it. Until now anyway. SomeContinue reading “The zoom effect is the oldest photography trick that not many people know about it.”

Vivid Sydney is back

After two years of absence due to the situation, Sydneysiders were treated to the most spectacular light show and installations to date. How could I judge that? Well I’ve been taken photos of Vivid Sydney since 2012. That’s 10 years experience in my photography journey. I was a beginner photographer and I was delight toContinue reading “Vivid Sydney is back”

Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand 2017

The famous view from Doi Suthep overlooking the city of Chiangmai. Not as impressive as there wasn\’t too many high rise buildings in Chiangmai compare to Bangkok. If you\’ve been to the many rooftop bars in Bangkok then you be disappointed with the view. However Chiangmai make up for the lack of skylines with theContinue reading “Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand 2017”

Chiangmai By Night, Thailand 2017

Great thing about Chiangmai was it old city square. There\’s so much happening with pubs and clubs within the square that you could spend days exploring. I was in Chiangmai for seven days to explore the numerous temples within the square. But after day time exploring there were great things to do at night if youContinue reading “Chiangmai By Night, Thailand 2017”

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

I booked this tour to see the temples at night and I knew the view from there was good. Unfortunately due to the traffic I was picked up half an hour late and just that time period I have missed out on  a good photo opportunity. Oh well I promised myself to come back toContinue reading “Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiangmai Thailand 2017”

Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia 2017

I\’m posting some of the photo from Malaysia even though I\’m in Bangkok right now. I bought a big SD card in Penang. I\”m still haven\’t filled out the card as yet and it has all the photos from Bangkok. I post more photos so Bangkok when I have fill it up. Anyway Penang Hill wasContinue reading “Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia 2017”

Malaysia a unique blended.

I\’m round up my trip to Malaysia today with the trip back to KL before boarding my flight to Bangkok. That\’s when my real trip to South East Asia begins. On this trip I really want to go to Buddhist Temples from around the world. Especially the Southern Branch of Buddhism. As a Buddhist this tripContinue reading “Malaysia a unique blended.”